Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The RihTard Still Loves Her Some Chris Brown

Rihanna is 'torn' over helping police with Chris Brown charges

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LOS ANGELES - Rihanna is listless, suffering from headaches and "torn" over her parents' pleas to cooperate with police after she was allegedly assaulted by boyfriend Chris Brown, the new issue of Us Weekly reports.

"She hums sometimes, but she's more quiet than I've ever seen her," an unnamed pal of the "Umbrella" singer told Us.

The friend said Rihanna, 20, visited a doctor last Friday, five days after Brown allegedly roughed her up following a fight in the couple's rented Lamborghini.

"It was because of the endless headaches she's been having since Chris hit her," the friend said.

"The doctors were concerned about the contusions on the sides of her head."

The magazine reports that Rihanna is "torn" over helping cops build a case.

Brown, 19, was arrested the night of the Grammys on suspicion of making criminal threats and was released on $50,000 bail.

"I mean, damn, her eye's black and the sides of her face are all f----d up," the friend told Us. "But she keeps saying she still loves him."

Rihanna's parents are reportedly pleading with her not to worry about how jail time might affect Brown's career, according to Us. A Daily News source said the Barbados-bred beauty is cooperating with police.

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LOLOLOL but some of you simple b1tches expect the general public to give two fukks about her??? Puh lease!!!

He's STILL shooting his two movies! Starring in BOTH! Carmel with Lauren London & Bone Deep with T.I. :-D Hollywood don't give a fukk about this herpes having wh0re either!


  1. She HUMS sometimes?!?! HAHAHAHHA! What the fuck? He hit her so hard she thinks she's a bumblebee now?
    I can't possibly imagine how that BIG HEAD didn't protect her brain... "headaches" my ass!
    I love Chris Brown. Now more than EVER!
    If he does jail time I am gonna cut this bitch.

  2. humming for no reason? oh no! she beloved now. lol!!!!!! somebody call opre & danny glover stat!

  3. oh! please, i'm sure he didn't hit her that bad! people are just making a big deal out of it! & if it is true & she wanna get back with chris & she doesn't wanna help the police it's not bc she loves & doesn't wanna see him in jail it's bc the bitch is scared he's gonna expose her! & all her secrets will be out there in court!

  4. hey did you hear riho family can't believe she sending him messages of love n apologies? i knew nothing was wrong with her why else would she be apologizing to him? its because she know everybody printing lies n trying to ruin his career. i hate her so much.

  5. hc u right. she don't want everything to come out in court

  6. hc,you are soooo right !!what a bitch!

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  8. delia I accidentally deleted your comment & I sooo agreed with you. I was trying to remove the troll who follows me around.. yes b1tch I know it's yo punk @ss :-) & hit the wrong link.

    can you repost it when you return? Thanks :-)

    LOLOLOL Kari yousa foooool! hummmmmmmmmin LOLOL! JB Not Beloved??? LOLOL!!! Y'all killin' me over here!

    hc you know damn well she don't want NONE of that secret info coming out. & IF they drag him into court... that's exactly what's gone happen!

  9. I think Rihanna didn't expect that nosey whitey in the LA residential community to call the cops. Hahaha. She didn't know you can't take your ghetto drama to the posh areas of America. Ghetto ho! On the plus side....maybe now J Hud won't be winninh any more pity it will go to the battered idiot.

  10. 2:05
    you kill me with this one,i was thinkin' exactly the same.awards,simpathy and al for the's exactly the reason why like hc said,she is afraid to let people know that she is not that innocent !!

  11. Yeah...I said that I just can't believe this is happening, it's like a lifetime dream come true =)) I'm like sooo happy this happened...Rihanna don't deserve fame and wealth, she's nothing but a talentless $lut. She finally got what she deserves. It seems that sometimes there is justice in this world...

  12. you hoes are some short yellow bus ridin' bitches

  13. i will pray for the petty b1tch (delia) i hope you never get your ass beat.

    cry herpies all you want, we all know they dont have it.

    It doesnt amaze me how chris brown still has the power to make you chicken heads panties wet. Seriously you're happy he beat rihanna up. lol, and you still love him and support him cause he wont do it to you right? lmao...
    poor haters stop hating on rihanna and jhud, loosers....


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