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Beyoncé goes Nigerian in a tribute to Fela Anikulapo Kuti (Baba 70)

Written by Victory Oyeleke
Sunday, 27 February 2011

FELA's genius is recognised worldwide in his musicianship and those that know what good music entails learn from him. There have been tributes made to him from Broadway shows to film and they all had positive feedbacks with critics calling it inspirational. However, the recent aim of L'Officiel, to celebrate the work


of Fela in an African Queen themed 90th anniversary issue, is causing controversy because the pin up for the 90th issue, Beyoncé, voluntarily darkened her face for the shoot. The shoot featured Beyoncé in a variety of African-inspired clothing and headpieces which critics have failed to acknowledge but rather they are interested in the decision to darken her face for the shoot which they have deemed “another instance of offensive blackface for the sake of fashion.

Beyoncé is not new to skin colour controversy. In 2008, critics protested over L'Oreal advert. Claiming her skin colour was altered in their advert. The company issued a statement indicating that, the colour of her skin wasn't altered. More recently, she has been criticised for deliberately having her hair and skin lightened for other photo shoots and now she is looking too black. Most critics are calling the image “offensive” and the reduction of an entire continent full of different nations, tribes, cultures and histories into one brown colour. According to Atlanta Post, a reader complained saying “As a fan of Fela Kuti, a man who was passionate about the freedom of blacks/Africans throughout the Diaspora, I'm not quite sure as to how Blackface pays tribute to him. Writer Charing Ball from Atlanta post also wrote: “blackface is not fashion forward or edgy and in my opinion it is just flat-out offensive. Although there has been no word from Beyoncé's camp, the magazine is defending the spread. According to them, 'the designs are all reflective of the African influence on fashion this season. As for the artistic make-up, the inspiration came from several African rituals during which paint is used on the face. We find the images beautiful and inspiring”.

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Looking at the spread, I agree with the Magazine. It is a work of art and should be interpreted as such without any sinister undertone and those bringing race into it should be careful because they are implying that all they see is a skin colour when even the Godfather for race relations, Dr Martin Luther King JR in his I have a dream speech delivered on August 28th, 1963, said “ I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character”.

To start with, Beyoncé is an African-American, the shoot had pictures of her without the dark face and for me, I merely interpreted the different skin tone to mean people are all the same though with different shades and by painting her face, she is actually representing the whole continent where face painting is used by most of the culture for reasons such as religious, hunting and military purposes.

Amidst these hullabaloos, the most important person has been forgotten “Fela Anikulapo Kuti” who was Born on the 15th October, 1938, in Abeokuta Nigeria, to a feminist and anti-colonialist mother and a political activist father. When he was 20 years old, he was sent to London to study medicine but the head- strong socialist, studied music instead and formed a group called Koola Lobitos, which he later renamed Nigeria 70 and played his creation “Afrobeat” which was a mixture of American jazz, pop, funk and west African highlife music. He was a great musician and played multiple instrument from saxophone, keyboards, trumpet, drums to guitar. Apart from music, Fela's socialist views made him a proactive activist for Pan-Africanism and anti-colonialism he had many run-ins with the authorities of several African countries. He attempted running for Nigeria presidency several times but was never allowed to. Fela died in 1997 at 61 to aids related illness. He is one of the greatest music icons of all time.

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Black or White? Beyonce Money Hungry? Really?

A few Bey stans have been going back & forth for years now.

You have... where's Beyonce's PR? Why aren't they responding to (insert allegation here)? They can do much better.

Then there are those of us that think... eh.. why bother?

It's really nothing her PR could do. and nothing highlights that fact more than what transpired over the past few days.

She's too light... no wait! she's too dark!

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Industry Lashes Out at Mariah, Beyoncé and Others Who Played for Qaddafi's Family

By Steve Knopper
FEBRUARY 25, 2011 12:05 PM ET
Over the past few years, some of music’s biggest names, including Mariah Carey, Usher and Beyoncé, have taken millions of dollars to play private shows for the family of Libya’s brutal dictator, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi – a man who this week ordered security forces to open fire on citizens protesting his rule, killing as many as "thousands," according to a UN official. During New Year's Eve events on the Caribbean island of St. Barts in 2009, Carey received $1 million to sing four songs for one of Colonel Qaddafi’s sons, according to news reports and music-business sources, while Beyoncé and Usher played for an undisclosed fee the following year.

But now that Qaddafi's security forces have brutally cracked down on protesters throughout Libya, many in the music business are stepping up their public criticisms of the participating stars. "When I saw Beyoncé and Usher and whoever else was out partying with these Libyan criminals … these are people who have stolen tens of billions of dollars from their nation," says Howie Klein, former president of Reprise Records who is now a prominent leftist blogger. "What they all have in common is they're all kleptocracies – they've got a family stealing all the money. And for very, very wealthy American and British pop stars to take part in this kind of thing makes me want to puke."

"People put a big paycheck on the table, and people don't consider where the money is coming from, or what they're at least passively endorsing," adds David T. Viecelli, agent for Arcade Fire and many other acts. "I don't want to specifically say Beyoncé or Mariah Carey behaved unethically, because I don't know all the details. But if it's true that Muammar Qaddafi's son says, 'I've got $50 million, come and play for my buddies,' I really think you have to say no to that. Given what we know about Qaddafi and what his rule has been about, you have to willfully turn a blind eye in order to accept that money, and I don't think it's ethical."

The artists' reps declined comment: "No statement," said a rep for Randy Phillips, the AEG Live concert promoter who manages Usher. Asked if he had any comment, Chris Lighty, who manages Mariah Carey and other pop megastars, responded: "None. I mean, you know, nah." Beyoncé's management company, run by her father, Mathew Knowles, did not return phone calls.-Rolling Stone

maybe the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT shouldn't have legitimized Gaddafi while Bush AND OTHER EUROPEAN LEADERS OF THE WORLD provided them with diplomatic ties to the world's LEADING BUSINESSMEN.

It's crute how they avoid legal action by posing it as WHAT IFS and I DON'T KNOW, BUT IFS... while STILL attempting to lead it's readers to the THIS IS WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED synopsis. COUPLED WITH IT'S MISLEADING HEADLINE (INDUSTRY LASHES OUT... says Howie Klein, former president of Reprise Records who is now a prominent leftist blogger...adds David T. Viecelli, agent for Arcade Fire and many other acts) while leaving out other artist AND POLITICAL LEADERS WHO'VE RECENTLY ATTENDED AND/OR HOSTED EVENTS FOR THIS VERY FAMILY.... is how it's done for Beyonce.

ANDERSON COOPER'S REPORT HAS pictures of Gadaffi and European leaders hugging. There is footage of the son that was at Beyonce's party ALSO at the White House. Hillary Clinton meeting with him and saying how much the US valued their relationship with Libya.

other performers over the years....

Gwen Stefani
Lionel Richie
Jennifer Lopez
Christina Aguilera


then there's THIS.....

Dr Mutassim-Billah Gadaffi

Thursday, 18 February 2010

In our article 'Beyonce hits the wrong note with gig for Gaddafi' (7 January 2010) we incorrectly reported that a New Year's Eve party was hosted by Colonel Gaddafi's son. In fact Dr Mutassim was a guest at the party only. He did not host it or fund it, nor did any of the Gaddafi family. We apologise to Dr Gaddafi for the confusion.

Mystery of who paid Beyonce deepens
Last Updated: 8:30 AM, March 1, 2010
Posted: 12:22 AM, February 6, 2010

The mystery of who paid Beyoncé a reported $2 million to perform at a New Year's party at Nikki Beach in St. Barts deepens. The Libyan leader's bachelor son, Mutassim Billah Khadafy, photographed with his hair slicked back at the party, denies bankrolling the event. While the benefactor who paid Beyoncé remains secret, sources say a $185,000 payment for the bash, attended by Jay-Z, Jon Bon Jovi and Usher, was wired to Nikki Beach by Malta-based financier Joseph Sammut. Meanwhile, Mutassim is annoyed at Europeans who keep confusing him with his violent brother, Hannibal, who was not at the party.


Statement regarding Beyoncé and her performance in St. Barts from Yvette Noel-Schure (Publicist)

All monies paid to Beyoncé for her performance at a private party at Nikki Beach St. Barts on New Year's Eve 2009, including the commissions paid to her booking agency, were donated to the earthquake relief efforts for Haiti, over a year ago. Once it became known that the third party promoter was linked to the Qaddafi family, the decision was made to put that payment to a good cause.

There will ALWAYS be something "BIG" when Beyonce is about to drop an album.

Beyonce Knowles pregnant with first child? Sunday January 13th, 2008 at 7:14 pm by Lucy

Beyonce Knowles is reportedly set to take part in the 2008 Celebrity Baby Boom - she is rumoured to be pregnant with her first child. Beyonce and boyfriend Jay-Z are rumoured to have married in a secret ceremony after finding out that she was expecting a baby last month. A source told the Sunday Mirror: “Beyonce [was] brought up with strong Christian beliefs. Part of that belief is to be married before having children.” “She’s always been close to her parents and open about wanting a large family of her own one day.” Last year Beyonce said she couldn’t see herself having children for about 10 years because she had so much to accomplish in her professional life first. A second source close to the star added: “This wasn’t planned but the couple are very happy about it.” A spokesman for Beyonce refused to confirm or deny the rumours, saying: “We do not comment on our client’s private matters.”

Fans Not "Crazy in Love" With Beyoncé
7/20/2006 12:39 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

Disgruntled fans of Beyoncé have started a petition to get the musical diva to reshoot the video for her new song "Deja Vu."

The plea to her label Columbia Records, tries to make the case that the video "is an underwhelming representation of the talent and quality of previous music video projects of Ms. Knowles." "Bug-a-Boo" anyone?

The petition outlines seven comical points of contention and claims the editing "causes one to get dizzy and disoriented", calls the dancing "erratic, confusing and alarming" and the fashion "unbelievable and ridiculous." Beyoncé's outfits unbelievable and ridiculous? No way!!

Regarding her scenes with real life boyfriend Jay-Z, the petition believes the sexual themes between the duo are "alarming and show unacceptable interactions between the two."

Hopefully Beyoncé's fans will like the rest of her latest music and can 'check on it' when her new album "B'day" drops on September 5.

KNOWLES are fighting over the same man - and taking
no prisoners.

Both girls have been dating hunky star PHARRELL
WILLIAMS - one half of top R&B production team The

A friend of Pharrell said: "He has been bragging about
going out on dates with Britney. We were all really
shocked, because everyone thought he was seeing
Beyonce at the time.

"Both are pretty determined women who won't give him
up easily - so there could be some fireworks between the
two of them."

Pharrell met Britney, 20, when he was working on her
new album and they hit it off immediately.

But that came as bad news to Destiny's Child beauty
Beyonce, also 20, who has been seeing Pharrell for the
past few months.

The girls were not exactly the best of mates before they
became love rivals. They frequently fight it out at the top
of the charts.

They are also both desperate for a new man after having
their hearts broken by two-timing boyfriends. Britney split
from N-Sync singer JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE after he
cheated on her with singer TONYA MITCHELL.

And Beyonce is also looking for Mr Right after splitting
from the high school sweetheart she dated for five years.

"He had other girls and played his game," said Beyonce,
who stars in the new Austin Powers movie Goldmember.
"I won't let anyone do that to me again."

Time to take cover!

"It is apparent that there is a consistent plan by some to create chaos around Beyoncés 'B'Day' album release on September 5 in the US. First, it was a petition against the single, 'Deja Vu,' then a rumor regarding conflict between Beyoncé and Rihanna, seizures caused by the 'Ring the Alarm' video, putting out a single to compete with LeToya's album and now to add to all the ridiculous rumors, is my plan to postpone the release of her 'B'Day' album. What will be next? Beyoncé's cut off all her hair? Dyed it green? Maybe she's singing the songs in reverse with some hidden subliminal message!" - Matthew Knowles

Let's all hug & cope with the ensuing 2011 shittin 'pon thee release, shall we....

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LOL!!!!!!!! Oh wait.... uh... sad face... wait..... LOLOL!!!!

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yes... I find it EXTREMELY funntee

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Beyonce and Jay-Z at All Star Game... winners & loser

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WINNER. BEYONCE. In the All-Star audience. Jay-Z is lucky lucky lucky man.

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LOSER. RIHANNA. Admittedly The Unabashed not all that familiar with her complete repertoire. But is she ever convincing in a live setting? First, the Grammys, then the ASG. Minus the studio enhancement – just not that impressive. Her performance, not that impressive. The signing portion of her performance, not that impressive

Rihanna+Leniency= All-Star Game Halftime Show

Last night, Rihanna performed at the NBA All-Star Game in L.A. Before she went on, I had tweeted, “Am I wrong for laughing at her and she’s not even out yet?” Clearly I wasn’t wrong. From the moment the strings started playing, it was evident that the show would be a big spectacle to mask Rihanna’s mediocrity.

She opened the show with her most successful single, “Umbrella,” which proved to be a struggle for her. The song is nearly 4 years old. One would think that she would have mastered performing the song by now. Such was not the case. Surprisingly (or not?) she kept singing ahead of the music. She has nobody to blame but herself for that. If you can’t handle live instruments, then don’t use them. It further proved that Rihanna is more of a recording artist than a performer. I’m guessing that the audio crew knew this too, because her mic was turned down embarrassingly low. Most would have considered it necessary due to her lack of vocal talent. Every other note was flat or wavering, and what’s humorous is that Rihanna most likely thinks that her live singing is admirable in an era when lip syncing is the norm. Someone who loves her needs to inform her that her vocal cords are NOT the business, and she needs to keep her singing to herself.

She then segued into “Only Girl,” which left me dumbfounded. Songwriter Makeba Riddick once said about writing for Rihanna, “it is important to consider that Rihanna has a unique, low tone and doesn’t do a lot of technical vocals. So write a song that’s straightforward without rhythmic acrobatics.” This should have been taken into account. Rihanna is notorious for releasing songs that she can’t pull off live. The performance of “Rude Boy” which followed was the perfect example. Then again, it was being performed by someone who smokes a cigarette before every performance to get her voice raspy. Incredible, right?

The saving graces of the halftime show were Drake and Kanye. Drake switched up his “What’s My Name” verse to wish Rihanna happy birthday, which was cute. Their onstage chemistry is really strong, and I think he helped bring out the best in her, because she showed the most charisma during that performance. It would have made more sense for Rihanna to have saved that song for last, because she sure was outshined by Kanye in their performance of “All Of The Lights.” The order of the songs made it seem like she was being put in her rightful place as a hook singer. Those types of songs are where Rihanna seems to flourish the most, which is a damn shame for someone who’s had 5 albums out since 2005.

At this point, shouldn’t we just give up on Rihanna? There has been no growth whatsoever in her performing skills. her stage presence is -____- and her vocals are O_o, to put it in layman’s terms. The Rihanna phenomenon is actually quite interesting, though. She sells singles effortlessly, then struggles to sell albums and tickets to see her on tour. Most of her money comes from touring, but as we saw both last night and at the Grammy’s a week ago, her live performances aren’t worth the money. It doesn’t seem like she’s worth keeping around as an entertainer. Sure, she can put out a good song, but none of that is due to her input. People are beginning to see through her façade, and if Rihanna hopes to continue performing live and touring, she’ll either have to invest in some singing lessons or just give up and lip sync. In Rihanna’s case, I wouldn’t be mad at all if she chose the latter.

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Beyonce... Mother of the House

Saturday, February 19, 2011


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The Fashion magazine is about to celebrate its 90th birthday. To celebrathe this anniversary, the festivities start with the March issue, with Beyoncé on the cover. She agreed to pose for an incredible fashion shoot, with the theme of African Queen, paying a tribute to the legendary Fela Kuti. Far from the glamourous Sasha Fierce, the beauty posed for the magazine with amazing fashion designers clothes, but also in a dress created by her mother. A return to her African roots, as you can see on the picture, on which her face was voluntarily darkened. All the pictures will be available in the collector edition, on sell at the end of this month.

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NEW Pics and Video...Beyonce, Kelly & Michelle

Here comes the high steppa... murdera!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Photographer sues Rihanna over video images

David LaChapelle says singer copied his work for use in 'S&M'

NEW YORK — Pop star Rihanna's lurid and brightly colored music video "S&M" was "directly derived" from pictures taken by prominent U.S. fashion photographer David LaChapelle, he said in a lawsuit made public on Monday.

LaChapelle, who has shot celebrities for magazines such as Rolling Stone, GQ and Vanity Fair, said "the music video is directly derived from and substantially similar to the LaChapelle works."

Rihanna, 22, has sold over 25 million albums worldwide and dominated music charts in the U.S. with singles such as "Umbrella" and "What's my name." The single "S&M", however, has fizzled on the charts, and the video has been banned in some countries for its sexual content.

In the suit, LaChapelle said Rihanna had appropriated eight of his images into the video, such as a shot where she is shown in profile against a blue background with a piece of candy on her tongue.

LaChapelle said Rihanna's video copied the "composition, total concept, feel, tone, mood, theme, colors, props, settings, decors, wardrobe and lighting" of his work.

He is suing for unspecified damages. A spokeswoman for Rihanna did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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