Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Lady, Michelle Obama Talks Beyoncé

Michelle Obama on Beyonce: "She's So Real"

on Feb. 27, 2009 06:15 PM / 1 comments

While Beyoncé takes her fair share of criticism from fans and legends alike, she's got at least one important lady in her corner—the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

In a cover story on Mrs. Jay-Z in Ebony magazine this month, Obama unleashes praise on the singer and how humbled she was by B's inaugural performance.

"Beyoncé is an incredible young woman. Barack and I have met her on a few occasions, and it was a great honor to hear her sing 'At Last' so beautifully at the inauguration," Obama said.

"She is so talented and so real, and we just love her."

So does Jay-Z, aside from the occasional mess his wife leaves around.

"I'm a little messy," Beyoncé tells the mag, "I think that is the most difficult thing for him. He's very, very organized."



We can SOOOO see this happening
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Beyonce on the Michelle vs Bey rumors...

"Huh?! I haven't heard that one...That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard," - Beyonce says that Michelle and Barack Obama actually asked her to sing at the Inaugural. " I saw [Michelle Obama] the day before and she said, 'You know you are performing tomorrow.' She told me that she was very happy that her children had an artist like myself and-I don't even feel right saying this--she said she was happy they had me to look up to."


  1. "-SO bitch you fell down on stage?
    HETERAZZI on youtube
    LMAO,tell them Michelle.

    nO WORDS ABOUT Hater James and her husband's ears ! LOL

  2. well the first lady has spoken!

    the sad part is that there is actually some people in the world stupid enough to believe those crazy rumors!! that is just sad!

    Sm0kah when did Beyonce comment on the rumor? I didn't know she did!

  3. Pick up April's Ebony issue pictured above. It's in there. Someone scanned the interview for us until we're able to get it(it's really blurry). I hope I can find it in stores today. If so I'll scan the interview & post it.

  4. Did Michelle mention Rihtarded the Bajan turd? Uh..NO!!!!!!!!!


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