Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Lil At Last History

"At Last" is a 1941 song written by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren for the musical film Orchestra Wives, starring George Montgomery and Ann Rutherford. It was first performed in the film and on record by Glenn Miller and his orchestra, vocal by Ray Eberle and Pat Friday. The song was a major hit for Miller, reaching number 14 on the Billboard pop charts in 1942, and it soon became a standard. Nat King Cole recorded it in 1957 on his number one album Love Is the Thing. In 1960, it was covered by blues singer Etta James in a performance that improvised on Warren's melody. James was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999 for her rendition of the song.

In the decades since its release it has been covered by a number of artists, including Ella Fitzgerald, Jason Mraz, Phoebe Snow, Miles Davis, Martina McBride, Céline Dion, Lou Rawls, Eva Cassidy, Christina Aguilera, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, Norah Jones, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Scott, The Manhattan Rhythm Kings, Cyndi Lauper, Aubrey O'Day, Beyonce Knowles, and Nikki Yanofsky. The Etta James version is perhaps the most famous, and is known to be performed at weddings and wedding receptions because of its romantic lyrics and sweeping orchestration. It was used in the trailer for Wall-E movie.

btw.. I don't believe the "story" going around today. The End

Update: It
appears to be true. I'm still in denial though :-(

For you Ms Etta...


  1. the story IS real bc i heard about this way before when i was reading a review of Etta's concert (the one where she said those things about Bee) & here's what the reviewer said: "She finally did with a full-throated delivery of her 1961 hit At Last which she noted was a favorite song of President Obama's. And which she also claimed (in saltier language) could whip Beyoncé's version"
    so the situation is not clear at all, 1st why is there an audio & not a video, who makes an audio at a concert?! lol! & why in the audio we don't hear Etta saying it's obama favorite song?! why the reviewer wrote that etta said she was gonna whip Beyoncé's version while in the audio we hear she gonna whip Bee's a**?! this is all weird! I would love to see a vid bc you can tell if somebody is just kidding by his face expresiions & body language & not by their voice! & last & not least just about a week ago her son said that she was very proud & emotional when she watched Bee's performance & now she says those things, can she change her mind that fast! it's very obvious that she was beeing sarcastic & just kidding with her audiance showing theme she is still the same person she used to: stuck up & proud of it!

  2. oh! & here is the link to the review i told you about in case you wanna see it:

  3. it's maybe the reason why nobody want to see her life on the big screen.She aint NO Diva!!!!!!!!

  4. Nobody cares about ETTA JAMES AND HER OLD ASS SELF. I'd like to see her whoops Beys ass, the next day me and a big amount of STANS are gonna go to her house and whoop her ass!

    I don't know why she has to pick on Bey when so many people covered the song THAT ISN'T EVEN HERS!!!!! Etta James is not even all that famous. My mom didn't even know who she was until Cadillac Records...please.

  5. Thanks for the link. It all seems so odd doesn't it? I mean... it's like they are deliberately out to hurt Bey since she just STYLED on the whole entire recording industry. Yes she did :-D

    I definitely need some of those show reviews up in this post.

    BUT.. I really don't want to post them IF she was just speaking in jest. I too read her son told reporters that his mother was soooo proud she cried. Now she's soooo angry she could spit???

    God!!! I hate being confused!!!! It's like I believe it... but I don't believe it.

    Eventually we will see interviews... maybe I could get a better feel of where she was trying to go with her rant.

    & you are absolutely right! How the hell is their audio but NO VIDEO?!?! What type of device are you using that you can't record video??? & who doesn't have a camera phone?????

  6. why she apologizes if whe did say nothing?

    -who cares right now? i lost estime for her and i know her since november 2008-i am not losing something

  7. Etta should be ashame, I read poor bey was crying and didn't want to show her face, I feel for bey poor child everybody is just out there to hurt her.
    I wonder if solange heard about this cause you'll know so don't play when it comes to bey

  8. smokah?
    you need a VIDEOPHONE?

    Yes,and it's the reason why i am mad at her.bee is so sensitive !! poor beebee !!

  9. LOLOL!!! Oh hursh! I said I was in denial, dang!

    Yes I need video. I'm reading all sorts of things. Sooo nobody got video???

    Etta has always felt some type of way. It's personified now. It's grown. More like festered, once Bey sang for OUR VERY FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT.

    I'm not mad @ her. I empathize. There was just a movie about her. Her record re-entered the charts. She's still performing. Why not her? She's salty of course. She's taking her frustrations out on Beyonce & Obama.

    It's Beyonce's fault for being Beyonce. She don't mean no harm. She just be catchin' bodies in the industry. It's never intentional. It just... happens. She just shuts $h1t down. Maybe less vocal prowess, less energy, less humility, less entertainment... & she could blend right in & not hurt anyone's feelings.

  10. I am mad at her becoz she hurt people who work for her and bey(daniel martin the producer,8 millions fans,etc).It's bcos bey is a part of movies like dreamgirls,PP or CD than i am intersted.I live in france and sony/columbia ,you not gonna have my money on Etta life.

    Yes,it's bey fault to always try to do her job seriously,giving 200% in everything.Like janet said,to IMPRESS EVERYBODY.

    next time,be more EGO-centric beyoncé !!

  11. ur welcome & I don't know if you heard this yet but in a recent interview Etta said that it was just a joke, still she said she was upset that she wasn't there intead of Bee! well I know it's an old woman but she should learn how to keep her mouth shut I mean did she even consider how Bee is gonna feel about this?! & I agree with you it is Beyonce's fault for being Beyonce! I hope our girl is alright! I mean Kelly then Etta! it's been a bad week! & I didn't hear from Bee since days! well I guess we will see her at the grammys & at the naacp where she's gonna performe!

  12. She is not gonna performsat the grammy but the NAACP feb,12.yes kelly and then ETTA and dont forget the j-hud lypschinc !!!

    and the petition 2 weeks ago.Poor bee!! i want to see that she is alright and happy

  13. LOLOL yessss! Being ego-centric would definitely do it!

    I'm selfish personally. I'm kinda glad Kelly bounced (NOWWWWW who they gone blame the flop on???). Illiterate chicks started a petition. Etta actin' a fool. & a "singer" (who shall remain nameless) hopped her bony @ss in the mix trying to ride the "Beyonce come one come all coat tail" like she was "doing" something.

    Do you understand what this means??? Beyonce is about to $h1t on EVERYBODY who steps on a stage before OR after her. :-D A couple of award shows coming up peopleeee!!!!

    There will be more hurt feelings & advanced stages of Beyonceitis diagnosed.

    I got money on it!

  14. & a "singer" (who shall remain nameless) hopped her bony @ss in the mix trying to ride the "Beyonce come one come all coat tail" like she was "doing" something.

    Do you understand what this means???

    :-( NO I DONT
    but i am got money on bey 's next perf too!! :-D


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