Monday, February 9, 2009


The 51st Grammys were the worse in award show HISTORY!!!

  1. Who were these people winning???
  2. How the fukk you got Boy II fukkin MEN singing back up?!?!?!?!?!?!
  3. How the fukk you got Justine Timberfake dueting with Al Green???
  4. Why the fukk Justine's diatribe weren't cut off?!?! No one laughed with him but I'm pretty sure everyone laughed AT him!
  5. MIA looked damn foooool!!!!!! On stage & the red carpet!
  6. Why did Tiny wear the same dress Bey did some months go & looked a hot stankin ghetto @ss mess?!?!
  7. Why did Wanya have to embarrass Justine by hittin' notes showin' his b1tch @ss how it's SUPPOSED to be done?
  8. Why was the music MUCH louder than the singers mics? Hmmmm
  9. Why did Taylor perform with Miley?
  10. Who's bright idea was it for Ne-No to embarrass himself on stage with Smokey & the only surviving member of the Four Tops???

Finally... why did Chris find it necessary to whoop RihTards @ss before one of the "what use to be" biggest nights in music? Did he JUST realize she all of a sudden popped up with HERPES after her duet with T.I.? Whom btw, was outted as having HERPES when he foolishly shot a video during a nasty outbreak.

Chris has hired famed attorney Mark Gregagos who represented MJ in his molestation trial & Wynona Ryder in her shoplifting trial. He's pretty good.

With that being said... can we jump to the trial? Picture it.... So Ms Fenty... did Chris Brown assault you? YES. No further questions your honor. So Ms Fenty... you said my client assaulted you? YES. Did he say why? NO. Ms Fenty may I remind you that you're under oath? Um.. ella elal eh? Why were you hit Ms Fenty? He said because *mumbles something unintelligible* SPEAK UP MS FENTY! Um.. he said.. that.. um... um... I... I gave him HERPES *breaks down on stand crying*. And did you give him HERPES Ms Fenty? NO!!! May I direct you to exhibit D & F? Your medical records indicting you were treated for HERPES in August. Oh um... *stutters & cries uncontrollably* Your honor... I have no further questions. You my step down whore.


  1. Funny as hell
    you kill me!i love when u make full text like this and even more with the smileys*

  2. Girl you wrong for that!LMAO!

  3. LOL! But you know she not gonna cry. That bitch is not gonna admit that Chris Brown cut her ass. She's too ashamed.

  4. no air remix go listen to it. when you getten back? i want to laugh more. so much has happened


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