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Pushed Back?

It looks like Kelly Rowland is going to give Diddy-Dirty Money and Ciara a run for their money when it comes to having the record for the most album push backs of all time. The ‘Commander’ singer’s new album has been delayed again, this time until November 2nd. Rowland had only recently announced that the LP would hit stores on October 26th but has now changed the date (probably because Taylor Swift had chosen that day for her new album’s release as well). {Source}

At this rate Rowland might as well reschedule the album to March 2011, that way she won’t have to worry about pushing it back any further. With all of the material released in the US already circling the drain and the buzz for the project quickly fading, it seems highly unlikely that this LP will have the major impact that she needs to establish herself as a formidable act stateside. Hey, at least she’s still getting royalty cheques from her work with Destiny’s Child. Merry Christmas.

The entire Bad Boy team including Diddy-Dirty Money, Rick Ross, Janelle Monae and a model named Cassie has taken over the cover of the latest issue of VIBE magazine. Diddy took the time to explain the August/September edition and the fact that his long-awaited (and almost forgotten) album, ‘Last Train To Paris’, has been pushed back again to October. The LP was previously scheduled to hit stores on September 20th. Check out what he had to say below (via Punchbowl Blog):

Despite earlier reports that Ciara’s ‘Basic Instinct’ LP had been pushed back to September, news has now surfaced that the record will not arrive in stores until October 5th. This marks the 3rd time that the release date of the album, which is being primarily handled by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, has been rescheduled with the 1st being a change from August 24th to August 17th. {Source}

What in the name of Prince, Janet and Mariah Carey is going on with Ciara’s team? The previous changes to the album’s release date were understandable but now it seems that they do not have a proper handle on this project. With the substantial airplay that ‘Ride’ is receiving and the buzz surrounding ‘Gimme That’ there is no apparent reason why this record should not hit stores in September.

All of these changes do not bode well to boost the confidence of consumers regarding the quality of the album, especially since Ciara’s last project, ‘Fantasy Ride’, remained stagnant on the shelves. Get it together people!

T.I. revealed some interesting news to Rap-TV recently. The King of the South stated that his new album, ‘King Uncaged’, has been pushed back yet again and will no longer be released on September 28th. This marks the 2nd time that the record’s drop date has been rescheduled as it was originally slated for an August 17th release. Peep what Tip had to say about ‘King Uncaged’ below:

has decided to delay his new album, ‘Libra Scale’. Initially scheduled for a September 21st release and then delayed to October 5th, the record will now hit stores on October 19th (the day after his 31st birthday). The LP includes the songs ‘Beautiful Monster’, ‘Champagne Life’ and his new single ‘One Life’.

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Beyonce Unofficial Biography

Beyonce [DVD]
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Award winning singer, actress, and dancer...this triple threat diva has made the world sit back and take notice. Beyonce Giselle Knowles overcame shyness from her humble beginnings in Texas to transform herself into the music mogul simply known as Beyonce.

Early in her teens she formed Destiny's Child. Interviews with Beyonce', Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams illustrate the group's early beginnings, accolades, and internal conflicts which ultimately led to platinum status.

After the spilt in 2005, Beyonce achieved greater success as a solo artist. With over 120 million records sold; nine top charting hits; 16 Grammys; and countless other music awards...she started her own fashion line, beauty school, and starred in several feature films including Dreamgirls and Austin Power: Goldmember in her spare time.
Beyonce: Global Icon explores her destined rise to stardom from her first public performance in the hit TV series Star Search through to her emotional show stopping performance at the Inauguration of President Obama. Packed with interviews from Destiny's Child, A-List celebrities, and musical performances from around the world the program is an absolute 'must have' for any collection.

With passion and hard work, Beyonce continues to reach new heights to the delight of her many fans around the world.


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Know Your Bees

Know Your Bees
One who is too curious in observing the labor of bees will often be stung for his curiosity.
So stand back
Because the QUEEN BEE is about to sting!
Take the "What kind of 'bee' are You" Quiz NOW!

Know Your Bees

Deep inside the Beehive lives numerous bees. Some come in swarms, while others fly solo. With the characteristic of fiercely stinging threats and enemies, all bees tend to get clumped together into the same colony. However, all bees are not the same. The only thing all bees have in common is that the Queen Bee keeps them buzzing. This is a guide to classify the unique qualities of colonies from all the bees in the Beehive.

The Queen Bee
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Without the Queen Bee, there wouldn’t be a Beehive. The Queen Bee works day and night all year round (with the exception of elongated six-month breaks) to provide honey for all her bees. Her hard work pays off to produce perfection in everything that she does. With excellence comes negativity from wasps in other hives. The Queen Bee stings these wasps by working harder and producing even more sweet honey. Although her way of stinging is not direct, it is extremely powerful. The Queen Bee is a force not to be reckoned with by any other creature.

The Honeybees
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The honeybees are the calm bunch of the Beehive. These bees try to remain drama free throughout all seasons. They usually keep to themselves whenever a wasp tries to sting the Queen Bee. Receiving their name “honeybee” for being sweet like honey, honeybees allow the Queen Bee to sting through her work rather than using their own stingers. Although their defense mechanisms are not hyper active, they support the Queen Bee in everything that she does. Honeybees balance the hectic Beehive by trying to ease peace among the bees.

The Bumble Bees
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Bumble Bees are similar to honeybees in behavior. They are quite happy-go-lucky. However, they do have events when they will sting. Usually it takes a violent wasp or pesky critter—who attempts to sting the Queen Bee—to trigger the bumble bees to sting.

The Digger Bees
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Digger bees are hard working bees, as they dig high and low for pollen on the Queen Bee. Digger bees are quite wise, as they could state any statistic or fact about the Queen Bee from the pollen. They are also good at finding new pollen through any season. This pollen keeps the Beehive circulating. Whenever there is a lack of pollen, the Beehive goes insane. Digger bees only sting when a wasp tries to discredit the pollen. Their strategy of stinging includes presenting loads of pollen about the Queen Bee at a time.

The Yellow Jackets
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Yellow jackets are NOT real bees at all. In fact, these insects are seasonal. Whenever the Queen Bee releases new honey, the yellow jackets will quickly throw their “bee jacket” on and sneak into the Beehive to enjoy her honey for the festive season. However, when the season is over, these insects will throw away the jacket for the Queen Bee and slip on another jacket, buzzing for the next current hottest critter. These insects sting whenever they are put on the spot about their jumpy behavior. Although they sting, it isn’t painful. No sting is painful if it’s not from a true bee.

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Hornets are biologically not bees in nature, but in the Queen Bees’ Beehive, they slightly qualify as a bee. Although hornets have the ability to be bees, they are a bit dysfunctional and a pest to the Beehive. These insects always want something from the Queen Bee. They are “horny” for her do something new and different. All bees experience this feeling once and a while, but they move on from their desires. Hornets however, will not stop buzzing about what they want. They complain too much. These are the type of bees that are easy to be stung within the Beehive. Once they are stung, they will try to sting back, but their stinger is weak because it is not nourished with appreciation of all that the Queen Bee does.

The Killer Bees
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Beware of the Killer Bees! These bees are HIGHLY dangerous. Without a care in the world, killer bees will sting any wasp, critter, or even their own fellow bees in the Beehive. These bees are extremely defensive. They don’t have to be threatened to sting; sometimes, defending the Queen Bee doesn’t even have to be the purpose for them to sting. There are no limits. A slick move can trigger these bees to go off. Although they support the Queen Bee, they focus all their energy on stinging. Some wasps and critters are not worth using stingers on, but the killer bees will continue to sting.

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As you can see, each colony of bees in the Beehive behaves different in their own special way. All bees are not the same! The only thing that keeps the Beehive together is the Queen Bee. When it’s all said and done, all bees, wasps, and critters enjoy the sweet, sticky honey the Queen Bee produces that keeps them buzzing.

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You are feared. You go hard for Beyoncé. You really love her. Yet, you focus on the haters more than you focus on Beyoncé at times. She loves that you check all the haters, but she wants you to also check on her work. Calm down, take a deep breath, listen to Satellites, and enjoy her beautiful voice.

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Kanye West - POWER