Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Post

I received a coupla messges about this video. People were trying to say Luda was dissin Jay & hollerin @ Bey. Someone even said she kissed him. LOL obviously she didn't. Before this makes it on MTO with the LIE that's been going around I decided to address it. :-)

The mascot tells J "look @ your sister" LOL then Jay hit Rockwielder with the yo! yo! yo!! LOL


  1. Dont mess with jay-z 's wife !!

    baila B,diva is n1 and SL too in Miss B

  2. LOL! that's funny! but what did Jay tell Luda?!! can anybody tell me please!

  3. damn i thought he was about to beat somebody up

  4. lol!!!! yow yow!!!! yow!!


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