Saturday, February 21, 2009


Mmm Hmmm...

Look @ this here. Seems plausible don't it? Just know I'm LOL'n @ all these DUMB BITCHES trying to hit me with SERMONS n shit.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Posted somewhere... = NUNNA

Insider tells something interesting

Here’s the real story as relayed to me from a friend on the inside.

The D.A. threw the case back because of Rhianna’s statement. - Not complaint! The injuries incurred during their spat, was the result of Chris Slamming on the breaks, thus causing one of the bruises on Rhianna’s forehead. The busted lip and other bruises was caused by three elbows to her face by Chris, due to him warding off Rhianna’s repeated attempts to grab Chris’s cell phone. There was no “CHOKING” or deliberate punching after the car came to a halt.

According to what I heard, Rhianna will not press charges because she realizes that she has just as much culpability in this as Chris does. Both parties are pretty embarrassed that this whole fiasco has been blown out of proportion.

According to what i’ve heard, Chris will probably be charged with a misdemeanor aggravated assault, and put on probation (maybe). Trust me, both parties just want the whole thing to go away.

Now lets look @ the injuries objectively shall we?

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wutchu think?


  1. Hmmmm.....there's another angle I never considered. Interesting. I wanna know why she put that curly wig ON HER "LIL RAGGEDY HAIRSTYLE" according to Africanoboi (subscribe to him on Youtube!). Did Chris pull off her weave strip on the front of her head?

    Also........say you were in college in England and your bf beat you supposedly and you ran back home to the United States for the comfort of friends and fam. Would you SUDDENLY run back to England 2 weeks later for your 21st BDay or keep your black ass in your homeland around your family and celebrate there?


    Where are the cries for Beyonce to reach out to another black girl caught up in some ghetto drama????

  2. Well Said!!!! The irony of Rihanna is that DefJam spent all this time packaging her into the anit-black girl to appeal to a wider audience....with the faux rocker look. Yet, out of all the young black female celebs out there she is the only one to get caught up in a ghetto drama of epic proportions. To have the whole nation, and the world for that matter, talking about these two young black ppl who had a street bawl in a posh residential community. Embarassing!!!

  3. wow!!!!!!! i believe it. the hoe just that dumb to play victim when it can clearly be proven she's not. youll see march 5 or whenever he suppose to be in court.

  4. security chasing some lady rolling down the escalator shows her people chasing dreams. futile! if she can't get on beyonces level after this? what won't they do? they lie, manipulate & use people & situations, will stoop to any level, will try to be anybody. karma coming back on that ass forreal

  5. I'm praying that chris will tell the true! that's all I want, I just wan't chris to tell the world what really happened!
    here is what I think happened between theme: I think chris found out that she was sleeping around after she give him herpes so he broke up with her, if you all remember before the incident rihannasucks posted some pics of chris flirting with some girl at a club, but I think rihanna wasn't having it bc she needs chris for publicity so she probably asked him to forgive her or asked him to go with her to the grammys as a couple just for the media attention, so maybe that day he changed his mind & told her that it's over & she wasn't having it so that's what started the fight in my opinion!

  6. h.c.
    i agree,i think it's not more complicated than that.she cheated,he did the same after the break-up and she is mad to see Chris brown live the Superstar,prettier Rihanna for a simple dancer,a nobody....
    When Jay never leave bey for her,Justin never leave Jessica for her but CB cant leave her for a nobody.
    he hurt her Ego more than her hurt coz the girl return in L.A. to celebrate her Bday ma'am.she is a ho.cant wait for march,5.

  7. correction:hurt=heart
    the prettier
    leave the superstar

  8. LOLOL I so agree. But one thing I can NOT agree on is that Jay would fukk this troll b1tch. ANYONE can be pretty with theatrical makeup. & hc you most certainly are on point. Chris did NOT want to go with her to Clives pre-Grammy party. Do you see him with her in ANY of the red carpet pics? NO! LOLOL that wh0re had to walk the red carpet with Miley Cyrus & he walked alone. He's @ the table because his TEAM forced him to do it for publicity. Did he look happy to be there? NO. Y'all seen the pics.

    I can't wait for March y'all!!!! :-D

  9. you should put the links for the lies her people told already

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