Friday, February 27, 2009


You've repeatedly ATTEMPTED to advertise your blog here :-( sadly to no avail... your numerous DAILY adverts were deleted. I DID visit your blog ONCE though :-D. No comment needed. LOLOL yet you comment here all the time... CUYUTE!!!

I like how YOU & Big Foot In Pearls sited Beyonce, Matthew & her entire team as frequent visitors & attempting to shut your blog down. LOL wait... um didn't you say they were SCARED??? LOLOL 100's of visitors a day huh???? HUNDREDS????? LOLOLOLOL BUSTED B1TCH!

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LESS THAN 10 VISITS A DAY HUH? LESS THAN TEN???Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  1. LOL! what's the story behind this sm0kah?!! is it a Beyonce hate blog or what?!! what ever it is you shut her down! LOL!

  2. Yeah it is. She's an idiot. Her $h1t makes no sense. So I showed her.


  3. what the name of the blog?

  4. On the screen shot? It's right above... LESS THAN TEN VISITS PER DAY.


  5. cant see it,it's too small and link is dead !
    is that Hatedatblog or sandraR?

  6. Well honestly since when does any of theme haters makes any sense?!! LOL! they are all a bunch of crazy sick people! they can't deal with facts, they are in denial! LOL!

  7. Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Rihtarded is back with C Breezy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaa. No sympathy awards for you!

    What you said? Not to me! She AIN'T No Divaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. LOL @ 5:53
    who cares? it's not even true

  9. LOLOL that b1tch NEED him he don't NEED her.

    My bad bout that link. I fixed it now :-)

    & yes it's hateon

    I just got word another blogger is saying I'm the one that got the b1tch shut down. LOLOLOL WTF for?????? Seriously??? I thought Beyonce & Matthew had it shut down???????? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

  10. I'm anxiously awaiting your Rihanna post. 6:54 if TMZ and People mag say it believe that it is the truth. If MTO or Bossip said it first...then you are free to question it.

    White ppl are all talking about how they want nothing to do with these 2 black folk and their hood ghetto drama.

  11. White ppl are all talking about how they want nothing to do with these 2 black folk and their hood ghetto drama.*
    REALLY,IT S A BAD PUB for real.

    let them hate,now there are back on Gossip and YBF to talk shit,they just want a space smokah.

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