Friday, May 29, 2009

Hacker Speaks Out On RihTard Nude Pics

Well would you look @ this....


We talked exclusively with the hacker from Germany about the reproaches against Chris Brown.
The hacker assures Chris has nothing to do with the leaked Rihanna pictures.
He even takes the full blame for the leak himself!
As proof he gave us five new unleaked pictures from Rihanna and told us he got them from her computer.
He will stay anonymous because of the legal aftermath, but calls himself “Al3x”.

Chris is hereby no longer ‘guilty’ for leaking the pictures!

It was a brief interview.

Urbanascor: Why are you talking about these pictures and your leak?
Al3x”: Because I want that everybody knows the truth about the leak.

Urbanascor: How did you get your hands on these pictures?
Al3x”: I get them from Rihanna’s email account rfenty… She sent them to Chris Breezy.

Urbanascor: Why did you get these pictures out for people to see?
Al3x”: I want everybody to know that it was not Chris Brown who leaked the pictures.. These five pics are only to show that I’m not a faker, without pictures everybody can say this

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