Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beyonce DVD in Stores June 16

Beyoncé is releasing a new remix album and DVD collection on June 16 called Above and Beyoncé Video Collection and Dance Mixes – and has your first look at the cover art.

Among the tracks included on the collection is a remix of her song "Ego" featuring a guest appearance by Kanye West. "The song is fun," says Beyoncé. "It talks about someone being very confident and having this swagger when they walk and when they talk."

As for nabbing West, well, Beyoncé says the rapper – known for his outsized personality – was a good match. Recounting her conversation with West, Beyoncé says he agreed to do it, telling her, " 'Okay, so you have a song about an ego and you want me on the record?' He's like, 'I love it. I'll do it.' "

Above and Beyoncé will be available at Wal-Mart and J&R Music World stores beginning June 16.


  1. girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl
    i'm so mad.
    last time she gave up 13 videos, now only 7???? I kno that bee can squeeze in some videos to make, because we already saw 4 of the videos. but shittttttttttt ima still get it :D

  2. @jr
    diva is a female version of hustler
    Matthew and her are not getting my money this time.I wanting for I AM TOUR VIDEO


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