Friday, May 22, 2009

Chris Brown is Writing His @ss Off B1tches!!! :-D

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThe songwriter of the year award at the 57th annual BMI Pop Awards resulted in a record-breaking, eight-way tie between Colbie Caillat, Polow Da Don, T-Pain, Alan Chang, Matchbox Twenty’s Paul Doucette and Brian Yale, Chris Brown, and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine.

As for the eight-way shared songwriter of the year award, each of the winners contributed two songs to the 50 most-performed list. The 57th BMI Pop Awards were held tonight (May 19) at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles.

Caillat also won song of the year honors for “Bubbly,” her international hit published by CocoMarie. She co-wrote with singer/songwriter Jason Reeves. In addition to “Bubbly,” Caillat’s “Realize” earned a spot in the top 50. Polow Da Don contributed “Forever,” co-written and recorded by Chris Brown, and “Love In This Club,” recorded by Usher and featuring Young Jeezy, to the 50 most performed list.

Other songs on the list are T-Pain’s “Kiss Kiss,” which was also recorded and co-written by Chris Brown; “Low,” recorded by Flo Rida; Alan Chang’s “Everything” and “Lost,” both recorded by Michael BublĂ©; Matchbox Twenty’s Yale and Doucette’s co-compositions “How Far We’ve Come” and “These Hard Times,” from the band’s retrospective “Exile on Mainstream” album; and Maroon 5 frontman Levine’s “Wake Up Call” and “Won’t Go Home Without You,” which he recorded with the rock band.

He co-wrote this song below with LaToya Luckett

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