Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Keri Hilson - Turning Me On Remix diss is NOT about BEYONCE!

This is NOT about Beyonce. I repeat... THIS IS NOT ABOUT BEYONCE! She's talking slick about Nicole & the Pussycat Dolls Ciara OR nobody at all.

But you just KNOW the USUAL predictable blogs will have the headline KERI DISSES BEYONCE with like 2,000 comments by mid afternoon.

*blank stare*

here's Nicole Bitchie's take on the song...

Is Ciara Turnin’ Keri Off…

Written by Necole Bitchie under Bitchie Chicks, Celebrities

Keri Hilson released yet another remix to “Turning Me Off” featuring T-Pain and decided to 50 Cent one of her R&B counterparts. We’ve been debating all day on twitter about the subject of her insults and while some think she went at Beyonce, my votes in for the “Princess of the A”.

I ain’t trying to start no mess but there’s something on my chest/ that I need to get off/ cause you turning me off /your vision cloudy if you think you the best, you can dance/ you can sing / but need to move it to the left/She need to go have some babies/She need to sit down she fake/them other chicks ain’t even worth my time to talk about/Been getting dollars/ go and get your money up” She later ends her verse with “Go head tell these folks how long I’ve been writing your songs. I’ve been putting you on. Just check the credits Hoe”

I checked the credits and Keri’s name was all over some of Ciara’s records. I seriously doubt she’s going at Beyonce but if she is, I hope she has a back up plan. These bishes must’ve forgot Beyonce pushed all their fourth quarter albums back. You be the judge….

*Cues Diva* Where is the popcorn?


Crunk & Disorderly

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Who You Think You Talking To Like That?


Keri Hilson has decided to use the Curtis Jackson beef method to generate buzz for her upcoming album by taking shots at an unnamed R&B chick on the remix of “Turnin’ Me On.”

On the track Ms. Hilson sings “I ain’t trying to start no mess / but there’s something on my chest that I need to get off / cause you turning me off your vision cloudy if you think you the best / you can dance/ you can sing / but need to move it to the le - - [don't do it to em shawty!]” before reminding that “hoe” who wrote her hits and telling her to “go have some babies.”

I’m not sure where all of this is coming from but in the immortal words of Babs, let em fight!

Now I checked The Clutch’s [the songwriting team Keri belongs to] hit list on the Bible that is Wikipedia and didn’t see Beyonce’s name listed but did spot Uncle Ciara. Let the speculation continue until Keri decides to name names.

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She said check her credits dontknow so I did...

3LW - "Feelin' You"
3LW - "Things You Never Hear a Girl Say"
ATL - "The One"
Avant - "4 Minutes"
B5 - "Heartbreak"
Bobby Valentino - "Let's Go"
Britney Spears - "Gimme More"
Britney Spears - "Break the Ice"
Britney Spears - "Outta This World"
Britney Spears - "Perfect Lover"
Chingy - "Let Me Luv U"
Chris Brown - "Young Love"
Chris Brown - "Superhuman"
Ciara - "Ooh Baby"
Crystal Kay - "I'm Not Alone"
Danity Kane - "Want It"
Danity Kane - "Right Now"
Diddy - "After Love"
Field Mob - "At the Park"
Jennifer Lopez - "Wrong When Your Gone"
Keke Palmer - "The Game Song"
LeToya Luckett - "What Love Can Do"
Lloyd Banks - "Help"
Ludacris - "Pimpin All Over the World"
Ludacris - "Runaway Love"
Mary J. Blige - "Take Me as I Am"
Mopheadz - Rub Me Up Rite
Omarion - "Ice Box"
Paula Campbell - "Hitlist"
Pussycat Dolls - "Bite the Dust"
Pussycat Dolls - "Wait a Minute"
Rich Boy - "Good Things"
Rich Boy - "Lost Girls"
Ruben Studdard - "Play Our Song"
Shawn Desman - "Red Hair"
Tank - "I Love You"
Tiffany Evans - "About a Boy"
Timbaland - "The Way I Are"
Timbaland - "Miscommunication"
Timbaland - "Scream"
Timbaland - "Hello"
Toni Braxton - "Sposed to Be"
Usher - "Red Light"
Usher - "Love in This Club, Part II"
Young Twist - "Love for the Game"
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ummmmmmmmm.... this list is NOT impressive Ms Kerri coffee

& having a number *18* top 20 song on billboard does not help your "cause" sweety.


Year Award Result
2007 MTV Video Music Awards: Monster Single of the Year for "The Way I Are"[8] Nominated
Teen Choice Awards: Choice Rap Track for "The Way I Are"[9] Won

STILL performing in backyards under tents...

On 106 & Park...

You're not in a position to talk $h1t to Beyonce Nicole NOR Ciara. Sorry.
Get yo game up FIRST
dry guhl!

Ciara - Go Girl Lyrics :-
This is nappy boy radio, live back with ya boy T-Pain
You already know what it is man
I got something special for the ladies out here
All those Go-Girls out there, I got some brand new, CiCi
Featuring...ME (Haha)
You already know this man, hit us up on the hotline
I'm a play this 14 times,
Just hit us up when you wanna hear it again
Nappy boy!

I, I, I, I I'm the incredible, super-sexual
Call me 'Cici', let's go and I know that you see me
Can't be just like, can't make that happen
'Cause I am the original and you ain't got that swagga
I'm the sha-sha-sha-sha-sha and yo' lady wanna be me
That's a fact, know that, yes indeedy (Get 'em CiCi!)
Sit back, relax, enjoy the show
Yeah I can hang and I think that's why they call me...

Who's copying CiCi's style? What say you? I say Keri. When my brother 1st seen the video he said oh that's the one biting Ci
ara. I'm like why you say that? He like look @ her. Look how she's moving? Look how she's acting & dancing? I said oh that's becuse they're both from atl. He gave me this look. dry LOL he had a point.

'Cause I be going on 'em,
Ooh they couldn't stop if they wanted to
That's why they call me
I'm the Energizer, PlayBoy bunny, I keep going and going
And you know it, that's why they call me
Please let me know, if you really want mo'
I can take it to the flo'
Sit back, relax, enjoy the show,
Call me baby I can be your Go-Girl

Even with a IQ of 42, they say I'm a motha, motha genuis
Teddy Pain on that thing, there is no need for a remix
It's CiCi, T.P. we be T-H-E B-E-S-T
I, R-I-P every M.C. on late thats OMG,
I stop that beat so I can speak one more word of unique lines
If he say he can beat me then obviously he lied
Keep tryin', this one for the Go-Girls that won't stop
Them other hoes just ain't that hot,
I got yo' back like a tanky-top
Now go, go girl

Looks like T-Pain just hop on anything & just say $h1t just to be sayin' it...

Finally... lol ok this is it LOL for real for real. I KNOW she stuntin'! She's Timbaland's artist. Her album was supposed to be released in 2006/07. It's 2009 now. DO or DIE. She got shine with Turnin' Me On with Lil Wayne. True. I liked it myself. But it's her THIRD single from the album. Something HAS to be done!


Ummmm... yeah. Hopes it work out for ya

*attention span depleted*


  1. i'm gonna have to disagree with you on this one Sm0kah! it's very clear! "go have some babies" why would she tell Nicole that?!! "to the left" she's talking about Queen Bey! it looks like Keri is now affected with Beyonceitis! lol! pooor Keli!

  2. yeah maybe it's about ciara but she shoudn't talk about cici too! i'm kinda confused about "go have some babies" but who cares! she can say whatever she likes, nobody gives a damn about her!
    so anyway I was just checking beyoncetakeout.com & i guess it's a good day for theme bc there is 3 posts about beyonce, all lies of course, the first one is how beyonce said "sasha a malia obama are so lucky to have me as role model" wtf?!! well inside the article they corrected that & wrote what beyonce actually said, but they claim she was lying & michelle never told her that she's a role model & they are wondering why Bey told the media what the first lady told her, assholes it's bc they asked her about the rumor that YOU started (michelle vs. beyonce), damn, i'm so sick of those fat lies & ugly rumors, & to finish it all they are saying that Bey & Jay don't sleep in the same bed, really! you were with theme?!! WTF!

  3. damn, i'm so sick of those fat lies & ugly rumors, & to finish it all they are saying that Bey & Jay don't sleep in the same bed, really! you were with theme?!! WTF!
    WHY?so,she dont have babies then they dont sleep together?
    -stunt publicity for miss keri caz like H.C said,she is talkin about bey for sure.
    at least,she has talent,not like Riyoncé !!!!
    And,if she can leave shows like RIP the runway for the inaugural anthem like mama Aretha,why not?

  4. The "Have babies" line gets me, because Ciara's single and I think Nicole is too so i dont get who else she'd be talking about.
    and i was on mediatakeout and it said keri said "Beyonce doesn't write anything she touches" which I find FUNNY cause Beyonce has written a hit song and keri didnt right shit


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