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Beyonce talks world tour, new videos

Beyoncé shooting I Am... tour promo video

Beyonce talks world tour, new videos

Mar 10, 2009, 01:50 PM | by Simon Vozick-Levinson

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Beyonce_l As if 2009 hasn't already been jam-packed for Beyonce Knowles, the singer-actress is currently preparing a year-long world tour with dates in Canada set to launch later this month. "I've been working on this tour for eight months," Beyonce told EW when we caught up with her on the set of a TV ad she was taping. "It's crunch time! I've been rehearsing and trying to make sure I put my set list together. Right now I'm anxious and I can't sleep -- I'll be wanting to be at rehearsal. That's the only thing I can think about. But I can't wait." While details are still being worked out, she has dates tentatively penciled in for the U.K., Ethiopia, Japan, Brazil, and more, plus a run through the U.S. this summer. She'll be backed once more at each show by the all-female band from 2007's The Beyonce Experience tour.

Beyonce has also finished two new music videos to keep fans happy while she's crisscrossing the globe: "Broken-Hearted Girl," from the ballad-heavy I Am... half of her recent double album, and ...Sasha Fierce's up-tempo "Ego." Beyonce co-directed the latter clip with her choreographer. "My goal for [the 'Ego' video] is simplicity," she says. "In 'Single Ladies,' I saw this old tape of Bob Fosse's wife, and I used that as inspiration. I thought in this world, with all the technology and everything that's going on, to strip everything down -- great idea. So I kind of did the same thing, but glossy and black, for 'Ego.'"

One thing that the video for "Ego" won't share with "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" is a certain animatronic appendage. "I didn't have the Sasha Fierce hand [in the video]," she laughs. "But I have it on the tour. It's actually even more wild -- I have to figure out how I'm going to perform with that hand!"

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  1. EGO,WHY???????????????????????????
    I PREFER SWEET DREAMS OR RADIO.EGO is not an international song.it will floppef in the
    US just like diva and halo!wait &see :-(

  2. ^^^^^^^^^
    baby Halo & Diva didn't flop, Beyonce didn't even promote those songs yet! & she's gonna release a remix of Ego with Kanye so
    Beyonce + Kanye, do you really think the song is gonna flop?!
    Damn she's been working on the tour for eight months!! I can't wait for it!

  3. Halo...Diva...Single Ladies are all in the Billboard top 50. Kanye is the epitome of Ego. LOL. I saw the ego demo on YOUTUBE..

  4. Sorry sweets :-) BUT Diva is in the TOP 20 hot 100 & number 3 on R&B. I could care less bout what the UK thinks of it. She told us she's releasing her videos for her FANS not to gain new ones BUT for the fans that has SUPPORTED her. That would be ME! LOL I definitely want Ego to be next.

    Who do you know that can release TWO songs simultaneously and NOT promote them AND STILL be TOP TWENTY??? NOBODY BUT BEYONCE :-)

  5. smokah please !!
    for sure,she is the shit but Sweet dreams is like 1 year old (in few weeks).i can understand that people like it but Halo will be her next worldwide single;so it's 2 ballads for her when everybody know her for that CRAZY IN LOVE SONG.

    you agree that this 2 singles Halo and Diva deserves a better promotion and peak position in the Billboard,so,if she can promote them,she can wait after the tour to release it,not?

  6. *cant promote them
    *understant that people like Ego


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