Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RihTard's "Victim" Days Are Numbered...

RE: Teyana Taylor Friend Speaks On Chris Brown and Rihanna

Here is a video of Teyana Taylor’s friend Yami talking about the Chris and Rihanna incident. I was in her chat last night and wow she spilled the beans so to speak. She talks about how chris face was messed up bleeding because Rihanna hit him with phone and how she attacked him. She talks about how Rihanna acted in the past. Please let me remain anonymous. I’m pretty sure it will get taken down soon unless somebody rips it.

I really hate that this is sparking the whole Chris/Rihanna incident discussion again as they are now getting to the point where they are getting past this and moving on. HOWEVER, I just watched a part of the video around the 29 minute mark and she says:

See, Nobody’s showing the face picture, she f*cked him up. Scraped down the side of his face. Busted up nose. Face bleeding. Nobody’s is saying how she f*cked him up. They only trying to make Chris look bad and I don’t like that. She’s trying to be the victim. She been f*cking him up for a minute. Her mouth is f*cking reckless. She tries to embarrass him in front of people. Chris is never the type to beat a b*tch ass like that. “.

She also went on to say that while Rihanna was hitting Chris (he was driving), he turned and smacked her and the only reason she got the knot on her head is because he stopped the car and her head banged into the dashboard.

Now I will say this, without saying to much…

I’ve been pressing this issue for months. Is there a reason they are refusing to release Chris Brown’s mugshot? It would have been easier (and cheaper) for TMZ to obtain the mugshot of Chris Brown than the photo of Rihanna’s bruised face. She was a victim…her name wasn’t even supposed to be released, let alone photos. It doesn’t make sense to me that a site like TMZ could obtain Ne-Yo’s mugshot an hour after he was arrested for speeding but they couldn’t get their hands on Chris Brown’s mugshot.

…And I have to say this. As a blogger, I have a right to my opinion as do my commenters. My blog is based off of my personal opinions and thoughts on whatever I choose to post. I post whatever the hell I feel and it’s okay. I’m a blogger. I’m not a journalist.

However, it bothers me when reputable media outlets with broader audiences who have the responsibility to inform (like CNN, MSNBC, TMZ, etc) do the same. They choose an angle they want to present a story and pull every piece of evidence that they can to support that angle while omitting any details that would contradict their original story. Not that the mugshot would have changed anything, but damn…we as the general public didn’t have the right to see it? It’s sickening…

As for Yami, I hope she watches what she says in these live chats. I know his friends who know more details then the average person want to come forward and defend him since he can’t do so himself but everything will come to light in due time. Since they are all young, it comes across as if they are talking reckless and that won’t be a good look. My advice: Keep quiet until the trial is over..

From the pages of Necole Bitchie

I agree with all of her assertions... except the last four words...


Most of these anti-Chris sites/blogs/people gone have nuts on their chin when all is said & done! LOL
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  1. Beyonceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

    Anyway, I hope she's ready for the WRATH of Geragos. From what I heard he's the Rahm Emmanuel of the Court Room. Po' Thang! Hahahahaha!

    Rihanna are you a chicken head?
    Yes sah, I is ah chicken head!

    Rihanna who started the fight?
    I do it sah, I does tend to act up alot cus I is ah hothead.

    Rihanna is that your real hair?
    No mister, is a piece of black weave on top mih pickey hair slick down wit brown gel.

    Rihanna what is your real complexion: Pon de Replay or Take a Bow?
    Mister, I plead de fifth!


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