Tuesday, June 23, 2009


You know how people always yappin' bout Karma? Yeah... got on my last nerve too.


I found myself thinking WTF did I do for this $h1t to be happening?!?! I'm basically a good person. Very kind-hearted. BUT I can be downright mean spirited when pushed. Lately it hasn't taken much to push me. & that's exactly why I'm in the $h1t I'm in now. I'm talkin' bout expulsion which of course is automatic termination. Ha! Nothing like a broke b1tch with a smart @ss mouth!

WTF did I do!!!???! Ioknow... I smoke. I know it's wrong but I do it anyway. I curse... again wrong but I do it. I fukk wit people I don't like. Wrong of course. Pre-marital sex... Of course I know better.

Is it one specific act or is it a culmination of things? Whatever the case ole lady karma is on my @ss! B1tch moooooooove! What I'm pose to do now? Huh!?!?! What I'm pose to do now???

This post is pretty off for me, I know... but I'm worried. I've never been truly worried before. I can't even light an el to make it better. I'm not even feeling the inclination to do so (that's a WTF moment if there ever was one). Have you ever been stuck somewhere for hours & hours with nothing but your thoughts? No family, no friends, no books, no tv, no phone, no computer, no game boys, no iPods, no soft beds, no comfort? Thinking WTF did I do to get here?

Well, I have. It's not pretty. My conclusion? Stop doing what you doing. So that's what I'm gone TRY to do. More kind, less aggressive. Not a stepping stool... but I can reign it in a bit.

Meet the new kinder gentler Tangie.
Yeah that's my nick name, & no I don't know what my parents were thinking.

[LaToya]Ohhhh woe is me?!?![LaToya/]

Three things before my transformation...

1. Why did Rih... go to court with pearls & a briefcase??????

2. Didn't you like her better as JanCiliyah???

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3. Is Latoya serious? Does anyone know how to spell her name? BET don't.

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Ok I'm done. No more...

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  1. It's LeToya Luckett and La Toya Jackson.

    What happened to you ? Can I help ? I'm going through difficult times too, have a difficult exam ahead, besides, a good friend is getting nasty threats on the phone for having the b@ll$ to make fun of a local politician (who CLEARLY deserved it) and I'm really worried, I don't want anything bad to happen to him.

    It's not that Beyonce fans should help each other, it's the way I feel, so if there's something I could help you with, tell me.

  2. ^^ oh wait, I've understood (it's plain to see that I'm not american or british, lol). Still, I'd help you anytime if I can !


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