Thursday, June 25, 2009


The Obamas Hit Up Beyonce’s Concert

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While President Obama was back at the White House handling North Korea, First Lady Michelle O. and First Daughters Sasha and Malia made their way to see Sasha Fierce. Beyonce’s “I Am” tour stop last night was here at D.C.’s Verizon Center and I got to take in all the fabulosity of it. About 5 minutes before lights went down and curtains went up, the crowd went insane and was pointing and cheering toward the second level to the right of the stage. And of course, it was the Obama girls (who I saw with my own two eyes), their tween cousins, and some White House staffers making their way to their seats. Yes, they skipped the VIP boxes and sat amongst the crowd. Loves it.

During the show, Beyonce included the Obamas in a montage of Inauguration pictures and video while she hit the stage to perform “At Last.” She also shouted out our First Lady being in attendance during her closing number. And of course the crowd went nuts again. Even though Mrs. Fierce was clearly losing her voice before the show even started, you could barely even tell once she started shutting it down. My overall opinion of the “I Am” tour: Say what you want about B, but no other artist is seeing homegirl’s performance game right now. Period.

By the way, Beyoncé’s new DVD/CD collection “Above and Beyoncé Video Collection & Dance Mixes” is out in Walmart now.

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