Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rihanna Is Now the Poster Child for IDIOTS

The May issue of Vibe takes a close look at the Chrihanna scandal as well as teen domestic violence as a whole:

In the cover story, “Tainted Love,” VIBE uncovers Chris Brown’s demons by way of a previously unpublished interview from 2007. When speaking about how domestic violence in his home affected him, Chris says, “I promised myself, I’m not gonna be that dude. I’m never gonna be that person that takes the argument that far.” He also adds, “being young, you always have to have a wholesome image. But I’m not perfect…”

In the same article, Chris’ manager, Tina Davis, talks about opening up her 4,000-square-foot apartment in New Jersey to Brown before he was signed to a record deal. “All I did was have parties with his friends. They’d come over and ride the elevator back and forth to different floors,” she recalls. “He was having a ball.”

Former bodyguard to both Chris and Rihanna, Chris Bush, tells Checkoway, “He’s under too many restraints. It’s like caging a pit–eventually he’s gonna lash out…” Bush also alleges, “there’s so many f*cking leeches around both of them” and believes the disturbing photo, released by on February 22, was leaked by someone in Chris’ or Rihanna’s camp, not the LAPD.

Another close source, who asked to remain anonymous, reveals never-before-told details about an altercation that took place between the couple, on the eve of their fateful night, at producer Timbaland’s Grammy party on February 6 at Boulevard3. The source paints a picture of an overly possessive Rihanna saying, “…she’s craaazy…she’s insane, you have no idea. She gets super-jealous and flips out on him

& then you have this study...

According to 69% of fans surveyed a month later, DJs should play both Chris Brown and Rihanna songs. In addition 68% of fans said they will not boycott Chris Brown and 66% Rihanna.

"Even though the actions of Chris Brown and Rihanna may conflict with fans moral point of view, it meagerly changed the influence on their buying decisions," said Adeniyi Omisore, Editor-in-Chief of

The survey was conducted over seven days by MusicLife Entertainment Group, parent company of, 81% of the respondents were female with 19% male. 78% of respondents were between the ages of 13-35.

My take on this bull$h1t...

kink poster child...

anywho... they're both being exploited. Everybody's team gotsta make the best of this. Fugg it! Let's sell some stories banana

dry snakes in the grass indeed.

BUT... this is what happens when you have people around you who's top priorities are YOU making money for them & them making money for them.

I thought when the pics of him jet skiing came out it swayed public opinion? Yet 2% more people would still buy his music over the dingbat. thinking Interesting.

Everything is orchestrated. Oh? You gone leak some ish? Well we gone leak some ish too. popcorn interesting.

When it first happened. The father got brolic in the press

Then when they hooked up @ Puff house... he back on Chris team dry e'rbody should just let them be & work it out. Now she's forced to be away from him & it's back to being brolic in the press. It was so terrible he deserves 3 years in jail. Yet it wasn't that terrible because her loved ones were frolicking in a pool with her abuser shortly thereafter. coffee interesting


If the balding RihTard didn't have PLENTY to hide... HER defense attorney wouldn't be on the same side as Chris & HIS defense attorney. This knucka got a team because her skeletons will hit the floor IF she even THINKS about steppin' foot on that stand. The prosecutors have a weak case... mark my words. Their case is HELLA weak... despite what Fox News, Star Magazine, The Enquirer, Beyossip & BeyonceTakeOut may tell you.

& b1tch if you don't do something about that thing on your skull!!! I understand you're blding & missing you some C Breezy... BUT... is THIS really necessary??? Ummm... are your stylists upset with you because they can no longer frolic with Chris in Diddy's pool or sumfin'? (see first pool pic the two chicks @ the bottom) Chile these b1tches done set yo dumb @ss up!

I think she should shave this $h1t down & te
ach it to speak. WTF?!? At least it would serve a purpose!

SAME brown hair with the SAME BLACK weave...

WTF?! Do you see those edges??? There are none! This b1tch gone look like Ne-Yo pretty soon! Her hairline got pushed back further than sKeri & Ciara's albums comined! Oh & nice look with the gun tats everywhere. Oooohhhh now we know you bad! Simple b1tch I tell ya.

a balding old @ss WHITE man... that's just who she gone be...

The jig is up girl! Even the hood knuckas are on to ya cloning ways...
Photobucket I told you good people when I first started blogging this is the main b1tch she's trying to BE right behind dreaming of BEING BEYONCE. NOT simply emulate BUT she actually thinks she's Posh Spice. Where y'all standing @ on this whole PR STUNT/FAKE TOGETHER/FAKE BREAK UP/I'm really happy cause I'm partying y'all look situation? Do you see what I see?


*side note* I got your comments about money & advertising & things :-D while I would LOVE to make money of some $h1t I do for fun... I don't have the time to dedicate & keep the blog updated properly (my friends that help rarely, IF EVER, post commentary lol they just wanna post pics &/or vids & keep it movin'). I also don't have the patience to fix it. LOL I just throw stuff up as it comes to me. No type of organization whatsoever. But that's what's fun about it. I can post my opinions however I please without having to worry about getting banned or blocked or ignored :-) I am pushy & obnoxious lol but I think that's why my friends love me so & my enemies hate me with a passion. :-D

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  1. LOL THANK YOU!!!! The media has been disturbingly silent as Rihtarded roams the streets with this OBVIOUS and TACK-ASS wet n way weave on her alien 10 head!


As is implied and emphatically stated, this blog is in regards to the lack of talent and all that is the boring cloned puppet rihanna. If it upsets you...... TOUGH...... jaw juggle some ballz bitchez. :-) feel free to comment