Thursday, April 2, 2009

Random Beyonce :-)

Bey her mom, Oprah, Gayle

Bey arriving @ Vancouver airport.

new ad

VH1 SoulDeep this was part 2. I missed part 1 "The Birth of Soul"

The pioneers of Black music...

They said the Temptations moved to NY & tried
it (the funk) with Ball of Confusion & the new guy ripped it because he rode the beat. Then James Brown. Then Bootsie Collins who was James Brown's bass player when he was just 18. Then Stevie Wonder moved to NY & did it. People were tired of the baby I love you & my baby baby baby songs. They embraced the urgency of the music & the message with this NEW sound. Then George Clinton & Parliament. Then hip hop in general. Then AfriKa Bambata carried the torch. Then Bobby Brown revolutionized the "new Jack swing" era/sound. Then Whitney Houston & the Anita Bakers smoothed out & polished Soul. But Whitney was the "new White Black R&B singer". She was booed @ the Soul Train awards because they felt she was trynna be Barbara Streisand & Dinah Shore dontknow she wasn't R&B she was Pop. Then Mary J Blige ushered in a new sound with the help of Andre Harell. Then Beyonce & DC coffee. Her vocals were rhythmic... which was unheard of. It's usually the melody that carries the song. But she can ride any beat & put any words into any space... no matter how small the space. LOL get it b1tch okaay She was IT! NO MORE REVOLUTIONARY'S IN BLACK MUSIC! coffee THE END!!!

Then Mary said we got all these new artist out here just because they put on a b girl stance think they're doing something. Uh no boo that's not soul. LOLOLOL Tell 'em Mary!!!! & they also said we got all these mimickers out here Justin, Christina they all want to "sound Black" coffee

Party Party Party Party Party Give my bish her props!!!!! Party Party Party Party Party

Beyonce April Cover Shoot Interview


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