Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Industry Puppets?

OK... got a quote form A HOT MESS!

Though Rih is still playing it a bit too coy, Chris is getting a little more open with how he describes their relationship. “Our relationship is growing. We started off as friends and we’re getting a little bit closer now.”

He shot down claims that they are just friends with benefits, insisting that makes them sound “cheap.”

Hoping to avoid the rage on the Chris Brown message boards, Chris quickly added, “But I don’t want to let down all my girlfriends, so all the ladies out there, I still love y’all!”

And does Mama Breezy like Miss Rihanna? “Yeah yeah, she’s real cool. They’re both light skin with green eyes, so…” Ahh. So it must be love then. (Source)

There’s so much askew with this I don’t know where to start. First of all, y’all already sound cheap because you are the most predictable fake relationship to ever be concocted in R&B. Secondly, I’d worry less what your internet girlfriends think and more about what Bow Wow does. Thirdly, Mama “Breezy” needs to learn that robots can take the shape of anything. Don’t be so easily impressed, mama.


  1. You Must really love Rihanna to spend hours, and hours, creating pictures and videos of her. You must love her, or be obsessed. Because you definately are making a hobby out of Rihanna. GET OFF HER Vi-JAY-JAy and stalk so one else, you ass hole. People don't laugh with you on your comments, they are laughing at you because you nothing else better to do. Than to critize someone who is actually doing something with their life. -smh-

  2. I betchu thought you just said sumfin?


    LOLOLOLOLOLOL :-D B1tch bye

    And DO enjoy the site :-)

  3. Fenty, the only one who is living in Rihorror's vagina is YOU. Crawl back in and go back to sleep.

  4. Rihanna Sucks: Can you even type right? All I'm seeing is a bunch of bullshit, how old are you twelve?..
    I've said alot, and I believe that half of the shit you do say, you will never say it to Robyn's face...ever. You probably just a sick ass Chris Brown fan who's mad he's not taking yourass down.
    Or probably some ugly ass fat bitch, who has nothing to do with her life. Your talking about my screen name, but yours is Rihanna sucks?..come on, grow up. Rihanna sucks, do you think she even cares what you think, all your doing is trying to make your self, see important, when you your not. Rihanna doesn't care about whether you think she sucks or not. She's sitting back, relaxing in her Mansion in Los Feliz, CA..she's not worried about you. she can buy and trash this whole "Rihanna sucks" thing. But she rather invest in Google =]

    DreamWriter: HATER. Rihorror? get real, and your the one who's living in Rihanna's Vagina, have you ever heard the saying. . . . "Your Haters are the ones that love you the most, their just afraid to admit it."

    BYE GIRL..Ya`ll suck, grow up...and get a life.

    btw: I enjoy the site, so does Def Jam, and so does Rihanna...

    Wouldn't this be so got damn funny, if she did find this offensive and takes you to court for defamation of Character.

  5. "Rihanna doesn't care about whether you think she sucks or not. She's sitting back, relaxing in her Mansion in Los Feliz, CA..she's not worried about you. she can buy and trash this whole "Rihanna sucks" thing. But she rather invest in Google =]"

    After paying back the label for all the promotion and lack of albums sales, that would be a tiny "mansion". If she's so rich, why did she go with Chris Brown to KFC?You seriously believe that she had enough money to do that?

    You are so stupid that you contradicted yourself. One minute you're saying that she doesn't care, then you're saying that she'll take the site "to court for defamation of Character." Which is it?

    See, Fenty, this is what happens when you don't take your meds.

  6. LOLOLOL (((fenty)))

    Please sit your delusional azz down somewhere! Again... more YAPPIN' without saying a damn thing!

    btw... defamation of character suits REQUIRE one to DEFAME the plaintiff. Defame = libel & slander = publishing or speaking LIES :-D DO point them out you silly silly lil girl.

    Dreamwriter I'm afraid she'll never comprehend her idiocy, being as though she lacks logic in the most basic sense of the word. Kudos to you for being able to decipher what the hell she was trying to say :-)


    *enjoy the site*

  7. Fenty what's your problem? if you don't like what you're reading why are you here?

    Why would chris brown fans come after rihanna, everyone knows chris brown is liked more than rihanna.

    I mean look at her trip back to Barbados last year... everyone was happy rihanna was back sure, but when chris brown popped out next to her that girl didn't exist anymore.

    Who do you think all the school students were running to for an autograph while she was on vacation, hint, defitely not riri.

    next time she might want to leave him at home. she didn't look to pleased with the lack of attention due to his presence at all.

    You can sit there and lick rihanna's ass all you want but i don't see the point of bringing chris brown's fans into this, they're two different people that do their own (at least in chris brown's case) thing.

    P.S that girl does not do bob marley any justice, poor child.

  8. Why is it that black women suddenly act like they cannot recognize weave when Rihanna's weave gets longer and shorter daily?????????!!!!!!

    Cover girl even plopped a wig on her head for their new ads as if to say we know you have no hair - here's some...take off the side-swept jet black weave bang you are wearing and put this on


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