Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Girl With No Identity Continued...


  1. damn! she is a sorry piece of shit! just a pretending to be original when everything she does has just been done!

  2. yeah i know, but why the hell did you find a video with smells like teen spirit, rihanna doesnt even diserve the grace of nirvana, its insulting to kurt cobain!

    ha shes a whore!

  3. Omg are you serious? She really is a copy cat, apparently that's what Americans like.

    Hey can you list the people in the video I'd like to look up the real talent, so far I only figured out one to be Christina Aguilera (sp?)

  4. I really wish Beyonce would release a SUMMER album since the lack of competition gives rise to mediocrity a la Rihanna's croaking in Take a Bow and Disturbia (never heard it).

    People keep insisting Disturbia is thinkin out the box when it is REALLY a re-hashing of a played out idea - Thriller, Nelly's Man eater.

    ALL Rihanna's songs are SAMPLES of other songs.

    I am actually praying that Britney Spears makes a stellar comeback to take back the POP market.
    Bey and Brit can double team her one takes the r and b market the other the pop. They both have diehard fans who actually buy their albums and not just downloads to manipulate the Nielsen scan to top Billboard.


As is implied and emphatically stated, this blog is in regards to the lack of talent and all that is the boring cloned puppet rihanna. If it upsets you...... TOUGH...... jaw juggle some ballz bitchez. :-) feel free to comment