Friday, October 8, 2010

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Someone forgot to tell Keri Hilson that all rights to hotpants/leotard-as-performance-wear are now jointly the property of Beyonce and Lady Gaga — who periodically loan them out to Pink — that is, when she’s not diving head first into the cement floor of football coliseums while attempting to perform unnatural acrobatic stunts above thousands of people that even the Cirque crazies wouldn’t sign off on.

In other words, no one who is neither Beyonce nor Mother Monster (or the Pink Beast) should ever again walk onto a stage wearing anything that even remotely resembles the leotard Justin Timberlake gamely adorned on SNL in 2009 during a skit about the making of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video. (See video below.)

That said, hotpants or leotards and tied-up-front Tee Shirts or not, I still don’t feel like I’m doing any favors for Miss Keri Baby by posting the video below.

Hilson performed what her reps are calling the second official single from sophomore album No Boys Allowed after a press conference in New York last night held by Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre to promote Dre’s new line of headphones, Beats By Dre [Source:].

(Say ‘Dre’ again…. Dre.)

VIBE also reported that “Pretty Girl Rock” is scheduled to debut on iTunes Oct. 12. Of course, No Boys Allowed still hasn’t been assigned a release date. Still.

Despite what’s been a hopeful week for Hilson’s second go at Going Solo thanks to that “Coconut” leak, I now call this one in the DOA column.

Thus, consider this the last time you hear about that album from me.

Unless/Until, of course, something really big happens. ;-)

(Really big.)


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