Sunday, January 11, 2009


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Bruce Springsteen won... Bey lost
Blair Underwood lost
ast hope... Taraji Hinton *fingers crossed*... lost

Wellt... the $h1t was officially White-washed... surprise surprise

Brangelina Diss Ryan Seacrest on the Golden Globes Red Carpet!

By Rebecca Detken | Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brad & Angelina on Golden Globes red carpet
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Even though Ryan Seacrest hosts "American Idol" -- the biggest show on TV -- he couldn't score an interview with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on E!'s live Golden Globes red carpet broadcast.

After he finished asking Beyoncé a few snooze-worthy questions, Seacrest ran off in a desperate attempt to grab a minute with Hollywood's hottest couple, who dared to turn their backs on the hardest-working man in show business. Can you say diss? Seconds later, the dynamic duo added insult to injury by granting a last-minute interview to Ryan's red carpet competitor, "Access Hollywood's" Billy Bush. Ouch!

Seacrest laughed off the incident and noted that Brangelina ignored him on E!'s red carpet telecast because they were "very busy trying to get in" to the awards show. Yeah, right.

Better luck at the Oscars!

LOLOLOL!!! Oh how embarrassking! I heart Brangelina :-D


  1. bee look so WONDERFUL.
    she lost but the movie had a nomination,god bless

  2. SMOKA where is my video?



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