Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ne-Yo Treads Same Ground as Young Berg... Makes Racist Comment

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@ the 6:58 mark... Ne-Yo says

"all the light-skinded kids are the prettiest anyway"
Don't look @ me! I know how to spell & I ain't type retarded. That's HOW & WHAT he said! GoGo? WTF you gone tell your baby boy? Huh? He's not a light-skinned child so does that mean you will teach him he's not beautiful? Huh? You dumb b1tch! Child Protective Services should keep him away from you! You are a danger to his psyche! Poor baby gone grow up with some warped fukked up inferiority complex because your simple @ss has one! What did your mother teach you???

You done fukked up boy!

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