Thursday, December 18, 2008


We know we've been beating you in the head with Beyonce (well she is the bee's knees) lol, but here's some RihTard to make it better.

Zimbio Cover

Zimbio Cover

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all she got to give smdh! 1. the Beyonce 2. point 3. bend over 4. grip your mic stand 5. grip your crotch 6. bend over 7. the Beyonce 8. i'm a lil teapot 9. spread legs 10 - 20 stand there. in no particular order. it doesn't matter. repeat steps 1 - 20 & this is rihtard's full performance and or concert. for the past 2 years. without fail.

Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-01
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-02
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-03
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-04
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-06
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-08
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-09
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-10
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-11
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-12
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-13
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-14
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-15
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-16
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-17
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-18
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-19
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-20
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-21
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-22
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-23
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-24
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-25
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-26
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-27
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-28
Rihanna-jinglebash rihanna-b96-jingle-bash-29

did i lie?

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As is implied and emphatically stated, this blog is in regards to the lack of talent and all that is the boring cloned puppet rihanna. If it upsets you...... TOUGH...... jaw juggle some ballz bitchez. :-) feel free to comment