Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beyonce's Real Hair

Yea it's a video about hair. LOL :-) don't get perturbed because I SHOW how idiotic your assertions are :-) you big doofuses! LOL! I'm tired of people mailing pics of what they claim is a little azz pony tail (we call 'em ponies... cause there's no tail). Anywho, when I'm tired of hearing something, I respond.

Enjoy the musical stylings of Brandy & Ms. Kelly while viewing my latest video addressing RUMORS & LIES. :-)

btw... If you don't know when you're looking at REAL hair and when you're looking at LACE FRONTS... I can't help you. :-) lol Bey is the Queen of Lace Fronts, them $h1ts looked so good... EVERYONE & they mama rockin' 'em now! So I understand when you believe she is bald underneath. BUT, don't keep beatin' me in da head wit da bull$h1t. You KNOW she has hair. That's why her L'Oreal contract was extended beyond the original 5 year agreement. :-) it's just facts folks. Albeit obnoxiously presented.. LOL

If your hair doesn't grow & your mother hasn't owned a salon for the past 20 years... maybe you should think about investing in some L'Oreal haircare products :-)


  1. i knew she had long hair. and most people can tell. they have to lie to find soemthing negative about her.

  2. now this is how you prove something! im happy too you so anal lol!

    dont ever change!

  3. love the video. love the songs. love beyonce.

  4. thats not her hair! black people cant grow hair.

    greetings from mto woomp woomp xD

  5. She copied Fefe Dobson and for that she will be on my bad list.


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