Monday, February 4, 2008


Now... what were you saying? :-)


  1. So who the FUCK do you think comes up with the moves Ri Ri uses in her performances? NOT RI RI.

    Fucking go to the boss who's fucking beyonce, before you get all up in arms talking shit about how Ri Ri is copying Beyonce. Who do you think would be able to know Beyonce;'s every move, the dancers working with her etc. you think Rihanna actually checks up on that shit? You think she sits down and goes through all Beyonce's videos? FUCK NO. It's much easier for Jay Z to have access to his GIRLFRIEND'S mannerisms and trainers.

    It's obvious Jay Z is influenced by Beyonce and her success, obviously he'd want to use many of those things or a combination of things from other successful singers to create a new product, the product is RI RI. Don't you fucking get how the music industry works yet?
    GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL, Ri Ri NKOWS she cant compete, she KNOWS that she does not stand up to par with the others by herself, but she also knows that she is getting to do something she loves and being a puppet on a string is only a small sacrifice to make.

    The girl was only in the industry for two years, it would take three times as long to build her from scratch so she has to bounce of other people a choice that is not HER OWN to make, she is nothing more than a tool to make money and sell records and I think she understands that and I think it does hurt her, but she is making her family proud and she is getting experience.
    When she is tired of it, hopefully she can either retire filthy rich from that label, or try to make it independently or with a label that respects her talents and potential as her own and not simply a marketing system and hopefully her love for what she is doing will not cause her to make a decision for her puppet master that might cause her to loose her dignity all together.

    She is young and inexperienced, she has Christian parents and a very supportive Christian country that will hopefully keep her on the right path.

    You've got way too much time on your hands to criticize, gee, how can I say this so the angry African American get's it... "AINT NOBODY TRYIN TO COPY BEYONCE BRUH". In fact she's a fan, anything "borrowed" from her is NOT ri ri's decision "GO HOLLA AT YO BOY JAYZ".

  2. You said ALL of that to say... nuh huhhh??? LOL!!

    Well I beg to differ HOSS :-) as witnessed by this next video..

    Be sure to check it out. Now THIS from the puppet/clone/wish-she-was Beyonce chick her Christian country & Christian family are so proud of's :-) mouth.


As is implied and emphatically stated, this blog is in regards to the lack of talent and all that is the boring cloned puppet rihanna. If it upsets you...... TOUGH...... jaw juggle some ballz bitchez. :-) feel free to comment