Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse, Kelly Rowland, Khia... Random Thoughts

First off RIP to Amy Winehouse and sincere condolences to her family and friends. 27 is much too young to die.

Kelly Rowland honey... we love you.. we really do, but just know you can get it too. We have no choice but to snatch you up whenever your fans try Beyonce. Hey gurl... it's nothing personal... Destiny's Child will forever and always be the BEST FEMALE SINGING GROUP!

Khia... gurl you know you pushed us to the limit trynna come for Beyonce... but the shit you said made no sense so we let it go. Beyonce is Baby Michael Jackson and not one youtube video nor tweet can change that shit! But I digress.. what I want to say to you is... I'm actually proud of you for going at DJ Envy. That Breakfast Club tries so hard to be Wendy part duex and it just ain't working. The way they treated Lil Mama was tacky and trifling. Kudos to you for standing your ground! HOWEVER... Spell check... get familiar.

Next on your list should be Charlamagne... who looks like he runs around hunched over crying out my preeeecious while looking for a particular ring. He's an easy target.

To wind up....

Beyonce win... you lose... the end

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  1. Beyonce is baby Michael Jackson?!
    Right... and the sun orbits around the earth.

    If beyoncerous was really that bad b!tch, you wouldnt feel the need to call her the next or modern day anyone, she would lean on her own name...


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