Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beyoncé to dance with 200 African dancers

Thu, 2011-04-07 15:47 — Tracy

Beyoncé is bringing 200 African dancers to Los Angeles today to ensure the dance sequences in her next video are like nothing fans have ever seen.

A source close to Beyoncé said the dancers will help Bey incorporate some of their native moves into her “Girl” music video.

Beyoncé may be having a hard time outdoing her past music video choreography for which she’s earned numerous awards and legions of adoring male fans, including Kanye West who infamously interrupted Taylor Swift’s MTV Video Music Award acceptance speech to praise Bey’s “Single Ladies” video.

When you want inspiration, where better to look than the Motherland?

Whatever Beyoncé has planned for her upcoming video, its success or failure is likely to fall squarely on her shoulders. The Grammy winner, whose upcoming album is due out in June, is now taking control of her own career, the source told S2S.

“She's interviewed hundreds of people and got a great company together and is doing her own label and some other stuff,” S2S was told.

“There’s no ill will between Beyoncé and her father. She just wants to have her own empire and Jay-Z has nothing to do with her management," the source said. “It’s about her evolution as a woman.”

-Tracy L. Scott

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