Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pushed Back?

It looks like Kelly Rowland is going to give Diddy-Dirty Money and Ciara a run for their money when it comes to having the record for the most album push backs of all time. The ‘Commander’ singer’s new album has been delayed again, this time until November 2nd. Rowland had only recently announced that the LP would hit stores on October 26th but has now changed the date (probably because Taylor Swift had chosen that day for her new album’s release as well). {Source}

At this rate Rowland might as well reschedule the album to March 2011, that way she won’t have to worry about pushing it back any further. With all of the material released in the US already circling the drain and the buzz for the project quickly fading, it seems highly unlikely that this LP will have the major impact that she needs to establish herself as a formidable act stateside. Hey, at least she’s still getting royalty cheques from her work with Destiny’s Child. Merry Christmas.

The entire Bad Boy team including Diddy-Dirty Money, Rick Ross, Janelle Monae and a model named Cassie has taken over the cover of the latest issue of VIBE magazine. Diddy took the time to explain the August/September edition and the fact that his long-awaited (and almost forgotten) album, ‘Last Train To Paris’, has been pushed back again to October. The LP was previously scheduled to hit stores on September 20th. Check out what he had to say below (via Punchbowl Blog):

Despite earlier reports that Ciara’s ‘Basic Instinct’ LP had been pushed back to September, news has now surfaced that the record will not arrive in stores until October 5th. This marks the 3rd time that the release date of the album, which is being primarily handled by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, has been rescheduled with the 1st being a change from August 24th to August 17th. {Source}

What in the name of Prince, Janet and Mariah Carey is going on with Ciara’s team? The previous changes to the album’s release date were understandable but now it seems that they do not have a proper handle on this project. With the substantial airplay that ‘Ride’ is receiving and the buzz surrounding ‘Gimme That’ there is no apparent reason why this record should not hit stores in September.

All of these changes do not bode well to boost the confidence of consumers regarding the quality of the album, especially since Ciara’s last project, ‘Fantasy Ride’, remained stagnant on the shelves. Get it together people!

T.I. revealed some interesting news to Rap-TV recently. The King of the South stated that his new album, ‘King Uncaged’, has been pushed back yet again and will no longer be released on September 28th. This marks the 2nd time that the record’s drop date has been rescheduled as it was originally slated for an August 17th release. Peep what Tip had to say about ‘King Uncaged’ below:

has decided to delay his new album, ‘Libra Scale’. Initially scheduled for a September 21st release and then delayed to October 5th, the record will now hit stores on October 19th (the day after his 31st birthday). The LP includes the songs ‘Beautiful Monster’, ‘Champagne Life’ and his new single ‘One Life’.

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