Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Enter to win 2 tickets to see Beyonce perform @the MTV Video Music Awards September 13!

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  1. Hey Smokha,

    Can we PLEASE talk about how huuuggggggeeeeeeee Rihtarded's thighs have gotten.Bey has slimmed down so much and Rihonna has the thighs of a woman who has had a kid and she has a double chin now too! Even the arms are thicker.

    PS shes moved on from Bey to FeFe to Prince to Grace Jones and now shes doing Mister GaGa himself!


    LOL You have to use this one sometime when Rihtard does something stupid :)


As is implied and emphatically stated, this blog is in regards to the lack of talent and all that is the boring cloned puppet rihanna. If it upsets you...... TOUGH...... jaw juggle some ballz bitchez. :-) feel free to comment