Friday, August 14, 2009

Beyonce TV Week

ABDC SETLIST FOR "BEYONCE WEEK" INSIDE!!! Vogue Evolution Is Performing

RHYTHM CITY - "Sweet Dreams". Must upadate "the Charleston", which is featured in the video. WE ARE HEROES - "Single Ladies". Take a section of the video known as "the wind" and blow us away with their own version. ARTISTRY IN MOTION - "Diva". Perform with chains incorporating the entire crew VOGUE EVOLUTION - "Deja Vu". Perform African-style dancing within their routine. AFROBORIKE - "Beautiful Liar". Work exotic Shakira-like moves into the routine. MASSIVE MONKEES - "Work It Out". Dance with hula hoops without accidentally dropping them. SOUTHERN MOVEMENT - "Jumpin' Jumpin". (that's not even a damn Beyonce song, that's Beyonce and them). Bust out all the movies from the video with new creativity BEAT YA FEET KINGS - "Crazy In Love". "Booty Pop" with never-before-seen flare

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