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Riyawnna, Ne-YoYo, The Nightmare & JHud Cut From The Same Cloth


The dream is over

Terius ‘The dream’ Nash is the producer of eee eee hooks for Rihanna and J Holiday. He gotta be dreamin’ if he thinks he came up with an exceptionally innovative vocal trend as obviously can do no ’(s)hit’ without Zombie-originated donkeeeeyyying. He’s either brainless or at least earless. We’re here to violently make this dream soon be over.

The dream, ‘Shawty is a 10′ (2007) an’ The dream ft. Rihanna, ’Livin a lie’ (2007) in a genious eee eee eee patch

Petey Pablo (’Freak a leak’, 2005) should make Dream’s life a nightmare 4 stealing his name-enumerating catch-phrase:

Donkey pop (photo source:

Please, stop the music!!!

Regular stuff: let’s open the track with well-known syllabelization in similar notes - all put over ripped rhytms (Adamski ‘Killer’). It seems that 2007 has brought two wonderful tracks over-inspired by Mamas & Papas classic:

Rihanna, ‘Don’t stop the music’ and Enrique Iglesias, ‘Tired of being sorry’ (2007) both dream of reachin’ the status of Mama & Papas, ‘California dreamin’ (1966):

Rihanna - Don’t Stop the Music (2007) traditionally (check Ri-yo post) uses melodies by Madonna - La Isla Bonita (1986)

Verse rihannad from ‘Feel it’ by The Tamperer feat. Maya which U all must have danced to back in 1998:

(Not) yummy


Ne-Yo, Rihanna Comment

There’s nothing easier as well more despicable in (re)making music than starting a song with a recognisible motif from a 80s smash.

Yet if U lack any spot of creativity and each good word (photo) about you is paid upfront by your label, it’s the only thing to do to stay afloat. Listen how Rihanna/Ne-yo embrace this shady rule.

Rihanna/Ne-yo, ’Hate that I love you’ (2007) celebrates others’ hookydays Madonna, ‘Holiday’ (1983)

when a copy-cat-hit-wonder (Rihanna) meets up with a one-hit-wonder (Ne-yo) in a studio the song they uselessly breed gotta be a mix of stolen hooks and hooks from the only hit U ever luckily came up with. So sick:

Ne-yo (Rihanna) couldn’t escape the only hooks he’s ever sung in verse-part of ‘So sick’ (2006)

..and the chorus:

Rihanna suddenly decides to take what her songs are (crap)

eee eee eee / ooo ooo ooo

Hardly has Rihanna monsterously copied Dolores’ (of The Cranberries) grand 90′ eee eee eee hook, yet another black zombie (J Holiday) tries to establish a hit by xeroin’ her xeroed ways. That’s what we call a swift cat. He must have copy-written the song ‘Put you to bed’ still in bed immediately after (or while!) hearing Rihanna on the radio. Eeee, J Holiday, we advise taking permanent holidays from singin’ !

The Cranberries, ’Zombie’ (1994) >>>>>>>> eee eee eee in Rihanna’s ’Umbrella’ (2007) >>>>>>>> beeed beeed beeeed in J Holiday’s

J Holiday also likes another vowel:

J Holiday - Put You to Bed (2006) vs. Robin Thicke feat. Pharrell Williams -Wanna Love U Girl (2006)

Shut up and hide

It was a blue Friday for us to run on Ruhanna’s new single: ‘Be quiet and drive’ (see Deftones for this one). The funny (scary) part here is that we haven’t yet come across any official confirmation of ‘Blue Monday’ sample rights being actually purchased by Rihanna!!! No references either in the album sleeve, MTV interviews or official sites (the only song with no credits!!!! is smelling up a huge lawsuit in da air… Listen to desperate barbadian attempts to make a contemporary (s)hit out of 1000000 times covered smasher (that made it only to 17 on Billboard charts (sic!) .

rihanna_angry-766522.jpg ‘The inventor of Tarzan Pop’

Rihanna copy-cat momma

’One of the most beautiful women in the world’ (judge yourself) doesn’t use umbrella when it comes to vocal concepts falling down from the sky. She drinks them and spits them out in the studio claiming she has ‘progressed vocally’. We can hear the echos of the superhit Hotel California as well, as hell. Can’t u? Oh, almost forgot, the beat ripped by some genius producer ‘just like this’ too.

Listen to Rihanna under the umbrella of different tracks:


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