Wednesday, April 2, 2008

LOL... Riyonce Review by a FAN :-D

Wow. Now when was the last time you met anyone — man, woman or child with Caribbean roots who simply could not dance? That’s already a rarity, but you’re also an R&B singer? Odd. I wonder how they came up with the concept for this video in that
production meeting. Had to go something like this:

* Hollywood skinny, slimmed out rail body with the occasional arse enhancement lean on ‘em move to get the fellas believing that they’re actually seeing something they wanna see, check

* Matrix water scene, check

* Rhihanna dipped in Chrome, check

* Ri Ri cake walkin’ and high steppin’ on personal dubbs/ballet shoes, check

* Horrible and juiceless umbrella dance scene, check

* Random close-ups highlighting that Cam’ron inspired sturdy chin and that ever changing asymetrical wig piece atop her head, chiiizek Zimbio Cover

* REAL dance scene, with professional dancers with Ri highlighted at the center, *crickets*

* Actual and verified singing ability, *crickets, lightening bugs and things that go bump in the night*

Disappointing because the song is actually hot… I’ll tell ya this, Ri Ri best stack some chips under her Um-brrrrrellaaaah, eeeeelllah, eh eh eh, because she won’t have a career for long if she can’t live up to the triple threat standards of performance set by Beyonce, Ciara et. al.

Granted, nobody really knows if Ciara can sing, but she can move… You can fake sangin’, you can’t fake showmanship and performances.. Ri, stick tight to Neyo, Kanye, Jay Z n them — that way maybe you’ll make it past album tree.

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  1. i dont know why peepo say she cute when she look like a man? yuck!


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